Lehigh Defense ammo

10mm Underwood Extreme Penetrators video. Snake shot. Reloading .22LR. DIY black powder.

Lehigh Defense ammo10mm Underwood Extreme Penetrators vs. Bulletproof Glassvideo

I didn’t think too much of these bullets (Lehigh Defense XP) when I first saw them. But now I’m impressed. I think they’re available in several brands of ammo. Lehigh claims that not only is the permanent wound cavity over 100% larger than any other expanding bullet, it is near barrier blind, ignoring wallboard, sheet metal, and automotive glass. I’d like to see them tested per the FBI protocol.

Snake shot

“There are a lot of ways to test the various shot shells but lacking a bucket of rattlesnakes I settled for shooting patterns at snake shooting distance – about 6 feet – with pistols typical of those you might use for the purpose. Here’s what I found.”

Reloading the .22LRapparently it can be done

Making your own black powder — Well, now we know why it’s called saltpeter.



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