2" AR

Reptiles. War. 2″ AR. ‘Smart guns’ hacked. Taurus recall. More.

Reptiles — We see news this week of an 18-foot Python caught in Florida and a 15-foot one killed in Missouri.

FWIW, if I find an animal, especially a reptile or carnivore, bigger than me in my yard, I see no benefit in calling for “help.”

War — You had to be there.

Lady celebrities who served — civilians and service members (photos and stories)

Army museum treasures in storage — Inside The Army’s Spectacular Hidden Treasure Room

Weekend photo: 12″ triple barreled shotgun

Short Barrel Shotgun with 12″ barrels

Well that’s one way to make it less clunky.

Extreme SBR

So you want a short-barreled rifle instead? How about a 2″ AR?

2" AR

It turns out that some “smart guns” can be hacked. No kiddin.

Taurus recall

Taurus has reportedly agreed to a $39 million settlement in a class action lawsuit alleging some of its semi-automatic handguns can discharge when dropped and have a defective safety that allows the gun to fire even when it’s engaged.

In the settlement the company agreed to pay up to $30 million to owners of nine separate handgun models who opt to send their pistols back, with owners receiving anywhere from $150 to $200 for their pistols depending on how many choose that option.

The agreement also will extend the warranty for the nine handgun models, allowing gun owners to send the pistols back to have the handguns inspected by Taurus technicians and address the “safety defects” alleged in the suit. Documents show the settlement could include as many as 100,000 handguns.

The settlement agreement covers nine Taurus models, including the PT-111 Millennium; PT-132 Millennium; PT-138 Millennium; PT-140 Millennium; PT-145 Millennium; PT-745 Millennium; PT-609; PT-640 and PT-24/7.

Neither the settlement nor the allegations in the case include any of the Taurus G2 model pistols.


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