Law of Self Defense, Andrew Branca

Purse carry. Law of self-defense. Half-truth? Fatal fists. TX massacre.

Purse carrysafe enough?

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The Law of Self Defense

Seminars and Andrew Branca’s book, The Law Of Self Defense — see WeaponsMan’s review

Law of Self Defense,  Andrew Branca


You’ve heard the other side’s disproved claims that your gun is somehow more likely to be used against a family member than an attacker. Well, maybe the answer is both:

I guarantee you the leftists will count this one as a family member shot and not a successful defensive gun use.

Fists may be fatal. Remember that.

TX massacre

You’ve no doubt heard about the mass killing of eight related people in Houston, TX last week. Now we learn that the woman who previously dated the man accused of fatally shooting her, her husband and six children, texted her mother before her death that she was being held at gunpoint. The mother of course then dialed 911, but too late.

I keep telling you a gun works better than a phone.


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