Military update: WH petition, USMC advisory, armed forces aren’t

WH petition to honor Chattanooga servicemen who shot back

Meanwhile, the Navy is weighing charging the surviving armed defender with a crime. The sailor, Navy Lt. Cmdr. Timothy White, has confirmed that he opened fire with his personal weapon on the Muslim terrorist (whose name is irrelevant) who killed four Marines and a sailor in attacks on two military facilities in Chattanooga, TN, on July 16. A late, unconfirmed report indicates that the Navy will not bring any charges against Cmdr. White (perhaps because they found his bullet in the dead perp?), but the consensus seems to be that his Navy career is effectively over because he ignored idiotic orders by idiotic officers and fought back to save his men and himself.

This is why I never served in the military. Idiotic orders by idiotic officers.



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And John Farnam weighs in on “disgusting” USMC advisory

Meanwhile in Washington, D.C.

A combat veteran Marine Raider Gunnery Sergeant on active duty working as a congressional fellow was arrested this week after Capitol Police found a firearm in his vehicle during a routine search.

Because the armed forces, aren’t.


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