Anniversaries: Hurricane Katrina and CCW Licenses in Mississippi

Tomorrow is the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina’s landfall on the Mississippi and Louisiana coasts, after which guns were forcibly and illegally confiscated from lawful US citizens on their own property in the USA. The cops who were literally committing forcible armed robbery and aggravated assault were the only “law” in the area, which is why the destitute victims needed their guns. The government minions responsible have not yet been arrested, tried and executed for their violent felonies. Even now, law enforcement agencies from the New Orleans metro area (ATF, NOPD and the Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office) and US Attorney Kenneth Polite are going door-to-door to “hand out information on the penalties of gun crimes…”

(It is now hurricane season. Are you prepared?)

25 years ago this summer, in 1990, the State of Mississippi enacted its concealed carry license law, making it legal for a person with the license (also called a permit in the law) to carry a handgun in most places. Before that (or since then without the license), it was generally illegal to carry a handgun, period (because the law says they’re all illegally concealed). The predictions by left-wing law enforcement types, politicians and the media, including local TV and especially the local paper, were that there would be blood running in the streets and nonstop shootouts would ensue. Didn’t happen. And we have seen no reports of license holders getting in any trouble with their guns. But that leftist newspaper has about died. And then-Commissioner of Public Safety, Louisa Dixon, an (expletive deleted) yankee lawyer, psychology major and author, also railed against the law, publicly said she would not follow it, and violated the requirement to issue licenses for several months, and avoided any punishment for breaking the law herself.

25 years. We now have enhanced permits which allow concealed carry pretty much everywhere except in courtrooms and on federal property, and legal open carry without a permit. Same predictions, same results.

25 years. Isn’t it time for them to admit they were wrong?

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