VPC on FBI records of armed self defense

My response to the widely repeated “news” reports this week which parrot the Violence Policy Center’s claims that FBI reports indicate that guns are “rarely used for self defense” is posted below after the link. Feel free to copy and post as your own response if you agree. Also here is a link to an article on John Lott’s response.

In an astounding turn of events, we have here what is likely the biggest lie ever posted on the internet!

Over a dozen studies on the defensive use of firearms in America have found without exception that there are approximately 1 million to 4 million defensive uses of firearms annually. That is several times as many as the criminal use of guns, which is well below the 1 million mark. The studies’ results are available to anyone who wants the facts. (Start with Kleck.)

The “civilian” justifiable homicide number is false. There are several thousand annually. The FBI’s crime data figures are based on police reports, which do not reflect the final disposition of cases. Between 6 and 13% of firearm-related homicides reported as murders by the FBI are in fact self-defense homicides.

VPC also falsely claims that legitimate gun use is outweighed by accidents and suicides, but about half a million times a year, guns are legitimately used in the U.S. to SAVE LIVES.

The VPC is well and justifiably known as a bunch of pathological liars. The lamestream media uses their lies to promote its agenda.

[Josh] Sugarman’s opinions about the research “shouldn’t be taken seriously…he has no status as a scholar.” — Dr. Gary Kleck, Professor at FSU’s School of Criminology and Criminal Justice

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