Star Wars. Google snooping. Philipping gun making. Rio Ammo.

US Star Wars — must demonstrate ability to fight in space

Google snooping

Guerrilla Reloading — Berdan to Boxer Conversion and Making/Reusing Spent Primers (here and here)

Philippine gun making?

Philippine officials say that weapons and munitions manufacturers from Canada, the US, South Korea and South Africa are considering setting up operations in the Philippines once its first defense economic zone is launched.

Companies reportedly interested are Rheinmetall Denel Munition of South Africa, a unit of South Korea’s S&T Holdings Co., Colt’s Manufacturing Co. of the US and Canada’s Waterbury Farrel.

Rio Ammunition has officially inaugurated its new ammunition manufacturing facility in Marshall, TX that at full capacity will be capable of producing more than one million shotgun shells every day.


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