Remington & Colt updates


Remington Outdoor has launched a major management shakeup, letting its CEO, a “gun guy” (whose experience was in the finance industry) go after three years on the job and reshuffling its board and chief financial officer in order to “accelerate an ongoing transformation at the company,” whatever that means. The new guys come from the bus manufacturing industry and General Electric.


News reports this week indicate that it’s apparently near certain that Colt’s will declare bankruptcy after missing this weekend’s deadline to make an overdue interest payment.

I suppose that’s what happens when you operate a gun business in a liberal state with forced union labor, refuse to make products that consumers want, and put all your eggs in the government contract basket (and then lose the contracts).

If Colt had moved to the Deep South or West and been making and marketing revolvers, striker-fired autopistols and popular long guns besides the AR-15, they might be making money.

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