2 DGUs + 1 sad ending

In Conyers, GA, a citizen openly carrying a holstered pistol returned fire at a pistol-wielding man who came into a liquor store and shot and killed the clerk and a customer. The attack appears to have been a planned mass shooting. When the citizen returned fire, the killer stopped the attack and fled the store. He returned to the home where he lived with his parents, and shot and wounded them both. At this point the police arrived at the parents’ home and the attacker allegedly pointed an AR-15 type rifle with a double drum magazine at the police, who then appropriately shot and killed him. Rockdale County Sheriff Eric Levett said of the armed citizen, a resident of Covington, “I consider him to be a hero. Although we did have a fatality at that location, he did save some other lives that were inside that business.”

Massacre stopped by armed citizen. Bet you don’t see that in the lamestream media.

In Houston, TX this week, a store clerk saw four masked men get out of an SUV and walk inside. At least one of the four men had a gun, but he didn’t even have a chance to open fire. The store employee pulled out his gun and fired a shot, hitting one of the masked men. At that point, all four perps ran outside. The wounded man didn’t make it to the getaway car. The three other men took off, leaving him lying in the parking lot, where he died. The victim was not charged.

The store owner is now considering changing his security. It seems to me that he already has some darn good security, though he may need to buy some more ammo.

Not a DGU

A petite 39 year old New Jersey hairdresser felt the threat of domestic violence and took the usual recommended steps to protect herself: she obtained a restraining order against a violent former boyfriend, installed security cameras and an alarm system at her home and began the process of legally obtaining a handgun.

(Berlin Township Police Chief Leonard Check said she applied for a gun license on April 21, and that she had inquired Monday about her request. In NJ, the application process typically takes two months or more as police collect information on the applicant, including fingerprints and reference checks. “We did not get the fingerprint information yet,” said Check.)

It wasn’t enough.

The ex-boyfriend fatally stabbed her in the driveway of her home on Wednesday night, and is now a wanted fugitive on the run. I presume the lady’s permit is in the mail.

You are on your own. The system, and the cops, cannot protect you. A restraining order is a good idea, as it shows that you’re the victim and attempted to work with the system. But don’t think for a minute that it has any other value.


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