Update: A RED and orange light sculpture on a table catches attention in unusual news stories.

Update of unusual news stories – May 8, 2015

Triggers (source)

“…about 20% of officers end up putting their fingers on the trigger of their guns when they shouldn’t, and most of them don’t even realize it, and are stunned when they are shown the undeniable truth in the video. According to experts … who have trained tens of thousands of police officers this is consistent, regardless of the level of training.”

Shooting a bullet as opposed to firing a bullet — when bullets collide in mid-air (pictures)

Australian gun control

Australia has some seriously restrictive gun control laws. But apparently that’s not enough. Now they’re proposing to restrict compound bows (crossbows are already banned). I’m not kidding.

Secure your ammo

A 4-year-old Arkansas Belgian Malinois ate 23 live .308 ammo rounds which were in a baggie by the owner’s bed, requiring surgery to remove the ammo from his stomach.

Feds to change ivory import rule — due to it being stupid

Don’t know if this will help gun owners or not.

Botswana’s elephant hunting ban is coming back to bite them

Natchez, MS bear

Arkansas piranha

Video: Bobcat attacks turkey hunter

How gun guys take care of wildlife

Army & Marines pressured to use same 5.56 ammo — I’m thinking the Army doesn’t actually shoot all that much? How can they when they’re unarmed?

Apparently Howe and Howe‘s Ripsaw actually made it to the Army

Army ending Morse Code training

50 cal. chandelier & lamp (click to expand images)

50 cal chandelier50 cal lamp

Duck hunting video game, real shotgun

Jeff Foxworthy was right. There are rednecks everywhere.

Colt Defense bankrupt?

Colt has been struggling financially for a generation or so since they lost US military contracts for AR rifles and 1911 pistols. Colt had been far too dependent on those to the detriment of commercial sales of pistols, rifles, and especially revolvers, many of which went away and can no longer make Colt any money. Now Colt Defense LLC, which owns Colt Holding which in turn owns, or “holds,” primarily Colt Manufacturing, the civilian Colt that we use, says it could be in bankruptcy next week.

Apparently Armatix GmbH, the German company behind the controversial iP1 “smart” handgun, is also having trouble.

Redding Custom Dies back in production

Redding Reloading Equipment has completed its 6 year plan of expansion and upgrades and is now again accepting orders for new Custom Dies and sets.


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