The Brady Bunch

In March, US District Judge Richard Matsch dismissed the lawsuit brought by the Brady Center on behalf of Lonnie and Sandy Phillips, whose daughter died in the Aurora theater shootings. Judge Matsch also awarded attorneys’ fees to the defendants in the case including Lucky Gunner and Sportsman’s Guide. The Brady Bunch alleged that the respondents failed to properly vet the gunman who used their products in the massacre, but failed to show that they did anything wrong or failed to follow laws or procedures.

The lamestream media reported this story as, “Two parents who lost their daughter in the Aurora massacre are now going to be required to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees to the companies that armed (sic) (name redacted) because of a Colorado law promoted by the National Rifle Association.”

We now learn that the Phillips were not just grieving parents when they brought suit against Lucky Gunner, Sportsman’s Guide, and the other defendants. They were paid employees of the Brady Campaign! Professional gun banners. One could argue that gun banners and gun ban promoters share responsibility for the massacre at the “gun free” theater.

(This one said he “Led the (Brady) department in adding names of gun owners to data base.” So the Brady Bunch is making a list. That’s OK — I have a list too.)

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