Polls, Oklahoma City, Jerry Cans, Kalashnikov USA, more

How those polls usually work

And John Lott weighs in again (about gun free zones). You should read EVERYTHING Lott writes.

Oklahoma City

For you conspiracy buffs, a “breakthrough” in the Oklahoma City bombing case.

Another alternative to support wounded veterans

About Jerry cans

New MS range

We have a report that a new firearms training facility, the Boondocks Firearms Academy, will be built in Raymond, Mississippi. The $3 million facility is purported to be “unique” (doubtful), with classrooms and a firing range.

Kalashnikov USA and Command Arms Accessories (CAA) are moving from Pennsylvania to “South Florida.”

The new facility will include manufacturing and a shipping hub.

Remington gearing back up?

We have a report that Remington Arms has recalled most workers laid off last August and November at its Ilion, NY plant. Last year, the company laid off 231 employees in Ilion due to a soft gun market. Some of those jobs were moved to Remington’s new plant in Alabama.


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