More liars to watch

We have a report that Everytown for Gun Safety’s Scott Hogan has been hired as Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign “grassroots” organizer in Minnesota. According to his Linkedin profile, Hogan received a master’s degree in public policy from Indiana University in 2011 (in other words, my socks have seen more public policy than he has) and has been working as Minnesota’s state director and campaign manager for Everytown for Gun Safety, which works to ban guns. Because Hillary’s a gun banner.

After Liberty Guns of Georgia was burglarized of over $25,000, the insurance company wouldn’t pay. So the family owned business decided to open a GoFundMe account for donations to help with $50,000 of expenses incurred. GoFundMe says “…we’re always amazed at all the unique ways people use GoFundMe to raise money online. The possibilities are endless!” But GoFundMe doesn’t like guns and canceled their campaign. But we found no such restrictions posted on their site. Maybe there’s a typo in that name.

“People keep saying, ‘We need to have a conversation about race.’ This is the conversation. I want to see a cop shoot a white unarmed teenager in the back. And I want to see a white man convicted for raping a black woman. Then when you ask me, ‘Is it over?,’ I will say yes.” — Nobel, Pulitzer and Obama Presidential Freedom prize-winning novelist Toni Morrison

Nutball “filmmaker” Michael Moore tweeted some demands this week: that America’s police be disarmed and “every African-American currently incarcerated for drug ‘crimes’ or nonviolent offenses” be set free from prison.

Actress Melissa Joan Hart (Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Melissa and Joey) will be a spokeswitch for the Demanding Mommies’ new gun control campaign beginning this month.

10 Organizations That Want To Stop You From Hunting (and some want to ban guns too)

Hillary (video).


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