Litigation wrap-up for May 8, 2015

Pennsylvania’s Office of Open Records has ordered the City of Harrisburg to hand over to an attorney suing the city, the names, addresses and phone numbers of every donor who contributed to its fund for the legal defense of its gun control ordinances.

You may remember the 2013 case of Jared Marcum, a 14-year-old West Virginia eighth grader who wore an NRA pro-Second Amendment T-shirt to Logan Middle School, in compliance with the school’s handbook. But Marcum was physically stopped by an administrator and instructed to turn the shirt inside out or face suspension from school.

Now Marcum’s mother is suing the district and those involved, seeking compensatory damages in the amount of $200,000 and punitive damages in the amount of $250,000, in the US District Court for the Southern District of West Virginia, claiming the defendants’ actions violated Marcum’s 1st and 14th Amendment rights and violated other civil rights.

Utah’s Dixie State University has suspended its campus speech rules amid a lawsuit from students who say the policies violated their right to free speech. Apparently university administrators denied permission to hold a water gun fight designed to recognize the Second Amendment, even though another water gun fight organized by a different group was approved, thus discriminating against Second Amendment supporters’ First Amendment rights.

Just have the water gun fight — don’t ask permission, and never trust an “administrator.”

The Second Amendment Foundation and Cody Wilson’s Defense Distributed of Texas have joined in a federal lawsuit filed in US District Court for the Western District of Texas, Austin Division, against the US State Department, alleging prior restraint by the government over on-line publication of information related to three-dimensional printing of arms. The plaintiffs are represented by Alan Gura, joined by export control and constitutional law experts.

And in related news, Aurora Labs has revealed its S1 Metal 3D Printer, intended to sell for under $4,000.

The Ann Arbor, MI, school board has asked the district’s insurance company, Zurich Insurance, to underwrite the expenses of defending a lawsuit filed by Michigan Gun Owners and Ann Arbor parent Ulysses Wong, which claims the district’s new weapons ban policy violates state laws.

A New Jersey family is suing the state child-protection agency after it allegedly sent a caseworker to their home to illegally interrogate them on everything from their son’s homeschool education to questions about vaccines and guns in the house.


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