Armed citizens & why you need hi-cap mags

Armed citizen saves officer from beating with his own baton. Note that usually a beating on the head with a stick is considered a potentially lethal attack, and lethal force is justified to stop it.

A beating with a hammer also justifies a deadly force response, and justifies shooting in the back.

Why you may want to lock the doors and carry at home (link includes video).

You are on your own… and you need hi-capacity magazines for your “assault weapon.”

A group of 15 heavily-armed masked gunmen kicked down the door of a rural home near the border city of Harlingen, TX and opened fire without warning, in a home invasion that injured a 9-year-old boy and his 33-year-old mother.

Massacre (from Farnam)

In a massacre scarcely even mentioned in the Western press, 43 members of a religious minority (a small and obscure Shiite sect, called the Ismailis) were shot to death and and at least 13 wounded on a commuter bus in Karachi, Pakistan this week.
Six murderers on three motorcycles, from a Sunni/Taliban group who call themselves the “Jundullah,” overtook and then commandeered the commuter bus carrying people to work. They then calmly and systemically gunned down everyone on board, regardless of gender and age.

It was a gun free zone. Well, except for the murderers’ guns of course. They had 9mm pistols. No arrests have been made, nor are any likely.

A Jundullah spokesman openly took credit for the attack and added that “In the coming days, we will attack Ismailis, Shiites, and Christians.”

Your only real protection from such things is being well trained and routinely going armed, which police and other civilians can still do in most parts of this country. Members of our “disarmed services,” of course, cannot.


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