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US Secret Service officer Arthur Baldwin, 28, was arrested by police in Washington last week for allegedly trying to break into the home of a woman (reportedly his ex-girlfriend) while carrying a handgun, and was charged with destruction of property and burglary (apparently no gun-specific charges). The incident occurred while Baldwin was off duty shortly after midnight. Baldwin is formerly a uniformed officer assigned to the Secret Service’s Foreign Missions Branch. Secret Service Director Joseph Clancy has ordered that Baldwin’s security clearance be suspended and that he be placed on administrative leave, and Baldwin is being investigated by the agency’s office of professional responsibility.

Boston Police Officer Michael Doherty was indicted by a grand jury this week after allegedly assaulting an Uber driver while using ethnic slurs earlier this year, according to the Suffolk District Attorney’s Office.

Six-year veteran Detroit, MI, police officer Clifford Earl Gullion, 32, of Ray Township was charged this week with two counts of discharging a firearm at a building, a 10-year felony along with a $10,000 fine; and two counts of possessing a firearm during the commission of a felony, which carries a two-year penalty upon conviction.

17 service pistols and shotguns belonging to Flint, MI, police are officially listed as stolen, while another 22 guns used by Flint police are listed as lost or missing — including a submachine gun and a short-barreled shotgun.

Two California National Guard soldiers assigned to the El Cajon armory were arrested by undercover federal agents this week on suspicion of illegally selling “high-grade weaponry, including assault rifles” and military ammunition. Spec. Jaime Casillas, 22, of El Cajon and Staff Sgt. Andrew Reyes, 34, of La Mesa wore their uniforms during at least one transaction, according to court documents. The sales were allegedly made to an undercover federal agent posing as a member of a Mexican drug cartel. Among the items sold to the agent were 1,600 rounds of ammunition and bullet-resistant body armor from a “US military inventory,” according to the charges.

Too bad ATF can’t police their own employees this well.


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