Car bans, gun trusts, bullet paths, big magazines & more

Car ban

Did you see the video of the cop who ran over the violent crime spree suspect with his cruiser?

Funny how the leftists aren’t calling for a ban on assault cars now.


About Gun Trustsdetails here.

Codrea’s Law: “Anyone who can’t be trusted with a gun can’t be trusted without a custodian.”

I just found this, but I’ve been saying it for over 2 decades….

Bullet path = Armadillo, fence, door, recliner, mother-in-law — this is one reason I’m a fan of shotguns with lead BBs for varmints.

Why you need big magazines — 20 shots fired by intruder, 40 by defender.

USMC Capt. Katie Higgins is the Navy Blue Angels newest pilot, and the first female in the team’s 69-year history.

Alligator Snatches 100-Pound Dog at Boat Launch in Alabama — Be careful, and be ready. Your .380 probably won’t do the job.

New MS gator hunting permit sale process — My understanding is this change only applies to permits for hunting public lands/waters.

Gunny Ermey on TV

Do you miss Gunny Ermey shooting up melons and such? He’s baaaack!


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