Unintentional discharges by the “Only Ones” and others

The “Only Ones”

Austin, TX police officer Arturo Canizales will be suspended from duty for one day because he had an unintentional discharge with his assigned patrol unit shotgun into the passenger side of the marked car. There were no injuries. Apparently he was checking the load status of the shotgun, and it was loaded.

Presidio County, TX deputy sheriff Mitchell Garcia discharged his weapon outside of the sheriff’s office in Marfa as he was unloading his weapon while on duty, and shot himself in the left hand.

A Chicago, IL police officer retrieving his gun from a storage locker at the courthouse in Bridgeview was shot in the leg when the weapon “accidentally” discharged.

(Because cops are the only ones professional enough to carry a gun.) There is another common theme here — the psychopathic obsession with constantly handling and playing with your gun to make sure it is loaded, or unloaded, or whatever.

A Michigan woman has died after negligently shooting herself in the eye while attempting to adjust her bra holster. The woman was reportedly an elected Republican Precinct Delegate and a Navy Military Police veteran.


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