News on new ATF Acting Director Thomas Brandon

It seems that ATF’s announced new Acting Director, the current Deputy Director, Thomas Brandon, has a shady past (see also here). That doesn’t surprise me.

Meanwhile we learn that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, said that departing ATF director B. Todd Jones will be the league’s new chief disciplinary officer.

The new special counsel would allow Goodell to no longer have to discipline players accused of drug offenses, domestic violence and other off-field issues. When the full scope of that job became apparent (because the NFL is full of thugs, I guess) Goodell decided to split the job into two positions. Jones is expected to be in charge of disciplining players, and another person will be in charge of investigating allegations of off-field misconduct.

Man, that’s rich. In fact, retired ATF agent Jay Dobyns asked incredulously, “This is a joke, right?”

Also this week one commentator noted that the UN’s proposed international civilian ban on centerfire “armor piercing” ammunition starts with a new definition that actually adopts the identical two-part definition found in current ATF regulations, minus language for exemptions for sporting purposes and minus any mention of the SS109 and M855 types of 5.56mm ammunition the ATF sought to ban.

It’s called a conspiracy.

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