Jay Leno, ISIS, and Dominos Pizza

Jay Leno

Remember Jay Leno reneging on his scheduled engagement as the headliner at this year’s State of the Industry Dinner at NSSF’s SHOT Show? It turns out that the NSSF then threatened to sue him for breach of contract, and Leno settled by making a “significant” contribution to the NSSF’s “Operation ChildSafe.” We’ll take your money, but keep your wrongheaded opinions to yourself.


Personal identifying information of 100 US military service members was posted on a website by a previously unknown group calling itself the “Islamic State Hacking Division” that urged “lone wolf” sympathizers to kill those named on the list. Defense Dept. officials say all the information appears to have come from publicly available information on social media and Internet sites.

I told you so. Get off Spacebook or wherever.

Dominos Pizza

Two more Dominos delivery drivers have been shot and killed and another raped in the six months since our last report. Dominos prohibits its employees from being armed, but does nothing to keep them from dying. It is therefore complicit in the murders and rapes. I compare it to them saying employees are prohibited from wearing seat belts while making deliveries (in their own cars, no less)!

Also this week in Sayville (Long Island), NY, a man believed to weigh at least 350 pounds robbed a Dominos store and demanded an employee — held with a gun to his head — serve him two pizzas and cash. Both NY and Dominos are complicit here also.

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