Jay Leno cancels appearance at 2015 Las Vegas SHOT Show

Comedian Jay Leno has unilaterally canceled his scheduled appearance at the NSSF’s 2015 Las Vegas SHOT show, due to his caving in to pressure from anti-gunners. Leno said that he’d spoken with Po Murray of the Newtown Action Alliance to let her know. “I understand it’s Newtown, and of course I get it,” Leno said. “It’s just sometimes, mistakes get made.” NSSF is headquartered in Newtown.

Here’s NSSF’s statement:

Jay Leno Cancellation Statement


  1. Leno is not a friend, which makes him the other thing. I don’t know why NSSF hired him in the first place. I guess “sometimes, mistakes get made.”
  2. Leno is also a wimp who can’t even stand up to a handful of whiny demanding mommies.
  3. “I’m not conservative. I’ve never voted that way in my life.” – Jay Leno to LA Weekly in 2004.

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