Because only cops should have guns…

A grand jury has indicted Prince George’s County (MD) Officer Jenchesky Santiago on charges including first-degree assault and misconduct in office, after prosecutors say he held a gun to the head of a man who hadn’t committed a crime.

Former Bolivar County (MS) Sheriff’s deputy Walter Grant has been arrested following a manslaughter indictment involving the fatal shooting of a suspect. The indictment alleges that Grant, while working at the BCSO, used excessive force when he shot a suspect in the head while the man was resisting arrest.

A veteran St. Louis County (MO) police officer was treated at a hospital and released last week after “accidentally” shooting himself in the leg at the county’s firing range. According to the department, the officer went to draw his gun from his holster when it “accidentally” discharged and injured his leg. (Just like it is designed to do when you pull the trigger.) Cop leg.

California’s corrections department’s inspector general says the department has a problem with off-duty prison guards brandishing or carrying firearms while they are intoxicated. One correctional officer danced atop a bar while drunkenly flashing his gun several times at private citizens in the tavern. Another drunken officer pointed a handgun at a citizen’s chest during an argument. Those are two of seven such incidents since June 2014, according to the inspector general. California correctional officers are designated as peace officers who are allowed to carry concealed weapons when they are off duty.

Bay View (OH) police officer Kevin Leber, 31, was recently arrested for allegedly pointing a gun at his landlord during a February dispute at his Groton Township home. Leber was charged with one count of aggravated menacing.

An Ector County (TX) Independent School District police officer accidentally fired his gun inside Crockett Junior High last week. According to ECISD Communications Officer Mike Adkins, the officer’s “gun was wet, and he went back into his office and felt it would be an opportune time to clean it and make sure it was working.” It was.

Because only cops should have guns…

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