Friends: Alan Nunnelee dead; Richard Mack heart attack

From Feb. 6, 2015 2A News newsletter:

Former AZ sheriff Richard Mack initiated the 1994 case Mack v. United States (later restyled to Printz v. United States), a lawsuit against the federal government which alleged that portions of the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act violated the US Constitution, because they comprised a congressional action that compelled state officers to execute Federal law. In a 5-4 decision, the US Supreme Court ruled that the provisions of the Brady Act in question were, in fact, unconstitutional.

Mack had a heart attack while working out at a gym recently, and drove himself to the hospital for a stent. He will apparently be OK, but keep him and his family in your prayers.

Three-term pro-gun US Rep. and former MS state senator Alan Nunnelee (R-MS-1), 56, had been battling health issues for some time, including brain cancer for the last 7 months. We just learned that he died today (Friday), apparently from a new untreatable brain tumor diagnosed just a couple of weeks ago. Please keep his family in your prayers also.


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