Federal antics (again)

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley held up the nomination of Department of Justice attorney Jeanne Davidson for Judge of the US Court of International Trade, citing recently unsealed documents in the case of retired agent Jay Dobyns against the ATF, in which that judge said the feds, led by the nominee, had committed “fraud on the court.”

Judge Allegra has ordered a Special Master to be appointed to the case. In October 2014, Allegra voided his previous August 2014 ruling in the case after new evidence of intimidation and alleged fraud by the government was discovered.

Meanwhile in Savannah, GA, assistant federal prosecutor Cameron Ippolito from Savannah and ATF Special Agent Lou Valoze have been barred from court duties pending an investigation of whether their on-going extramarital affair has jeopardized prosecutions and convictions. The order, signed by the five US District Court judges for the Southern District of Georgia, directed that Ippolito and Valoze not “appear before the court in an official, professional capacity in any proceeding until further order.”

Apparently there are allegations that the pair colluded to provide potentially false or misleading information to a government agency to secure a visa for a government informant and to provide potentially false or misleading testimony (perjury?) at trial regarding benefits provided to that government informant.

Also this week, US Attorney General Eric Holder, who was found to be in civil and criminal contempt for refusing to turn over Fast & Furious documents subpoenaed by Congress and ordered by the courts, said this week that the inability to enact new gun safety laws after the Sandy Hook school shooting ranks as “the single failure” of his tenure.

So his failure to violate the Constitution that he swore to defend is his biggest failure? What about his failure to tell the truth? What about his contempt censure? What about his failure to do his job? What about his dead federal agent and untold numbers of dead Mexicans? I suggest that his tenure is his and President Obama’s biggest failure.


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