3 more anti-gun liars

We have a report that Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety lobbying group will apparently face “swift and immediate legal action” from a Vermont gun dealer who says he was the victim of a fraudulent report about on-line gun sales in his state.

The dealer, Crossfire Arms, LLC, in Mt. Holly, VT, says that an Everytown for Gun Safety report titled “Hiding in Plain Sight” alleged that investigators found more than 1,000 online gun sale advertisements from unlicensed sellers, suggesting that no background checks would be performed on the buyers. Included in that list were 49 advertisements posted by legally licensed gun dealers (FFLs), including Crossfire.

Crossfire says the report is “blatantly false and malicious,” and that “Everytown misappropriated Crossfire Arms’ logo and defamed its owner…by characterizing both as vehicles for the unlicensed sale of firearms to felons, fugitives from justice, domestic violence abusers, and other unspecified criminals.”

The threat of legal action has already caused the Bloomberg group to issue a published correction, which may not make the problem go away.

Gabby Giffords’ gun-ban group, American For Responsible Solutions, was also called out this week for its misleading claim that there are more than 30,000 firearm-related deaths, plus more than 30,000 car accident deaths among “young people” each year.

But according to the US Department of Health and Human Services, in 2013 (the most recent available data), there were 3,487 motor vehicle traffic accident deaths and 124 firearm accident deaths among persons ages 0-19. That means motor vehicle accidents account for 28 times as many deaths as firearm accidents among people of that age group.

Apparently ARS is comparing INTENTIONAL shooting deaths (homicides – including justifiable homicides – and suicides) with automobile ACCIDENTS. We can’t explain the 1000% error in their auto fatality statistic, except that they are apparently counting fatalities among ALL AGES.

Remember the faked AK-47 “full auto” videos shown on CNN back when the Clinton gun ban was being debated? Well, now Time is doing it. (Learn more here and here.)

I keep telling you they are liars.


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