Second Amendment Foundation – Appeasement?

Alan Gottlieb of the Second Amendment Foundation, a fine organization doing great work without which we would not have many of our pro-gun court decisions, is still saying that pro-gunners should be proactive in writing and promoting gun control legislation such as background checks, instead of letting our enemies get those laws passed while we sit on the sidelines.

Well, I think he’s half right. We should not sit on the sidelines and watch our enemies win. But we shouldn’t join them in their gun control efforts either. We should only support proposals with which we agree, and not give in on those which we think will pass anyway.

Gottlieb seems to think that such anti-gun laws can be written either “for” us or “against” us. I disagree, but agree that we should focus on the particular provisions of such proposals which we find most onerous, when that is applicable. If there are provisions which we find agreeable, we should say so. But we should be careful about compromising when we don’t get anything, i.e., they only ban SOME of the sales they wanted. That’s not a compromise – that’s a defeat and a tragedy. The end result may be the same – watered down gun control laws – but we shouldn’t be on record as supporting such if we don’t agree with them.

I do not know the person who wrote the following, but he sums it up pretty well: Background Check Appeasement

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