Pregnant woman / Naked woman with machete

Pregnant home invasion victim takes gun; perp DRT

On December 29, in Indianapolis a home invasion took place around 10 p.m. The two perps forced their way into an apartment occupied by a man and his pregnant fiance. The male resident was armed at the time, but the perps disarmed him. A wrestling match ensued in which the pregnant woman helped take the gun back. Once the gun was retrieved, one perp was shot and “pronounced dead at the scene,” and the other ran away like the worthless weenie he is. When apprehended, he will face felony murder charges in the death of his partner.

Happy New Year.

Naked woman with machete

“When I saw the top of the head come through [the window] and I got in there and started chopping with my machete and I chopped him on the head.” — details here

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