Oh no, guns in gun-free zones!

A man shot a doctor and then committed suicide this week inside the El Paso Veterans Administration clinic near the William Beaumont Army Medical Center on Fort Bliss, at El Paso, TX.

Gun free zone. NOT!

The incident prompted a “massive law enforcement response” (presumably armed), a lockdown of the facility, and city and military police cordoning off several blocks in the surrounding area and receiving support from US Customs and Border Patrol.

Yes, let’s lock as many victims as possible inside with the killer. That’ll help.

Also this week, a Georgia Tech student reported that he was robbed by an armed suspect inside the atrium of the school’s College of Business, also presumably a gun free zone.

And in Paris, France, approximately 12 people were fatally shot and a few others wounded at a satirical magazine headquarters by two masked Islamic terrorists believed to have been armed with Kalashnikov rifles and a rocket-propelled grenade.

According to the AFP news agency, the attackers shouted: “We have avenged the prophet.”

There is no “right to bear arms” in the French constitution. They have those “common sense” gun laws. Semi-automatic rifles and handguns are prohibited, with very narrow exceptions. Apparently they made exceptions for the terrorists. There is no practical way for French citizens to protect themselves. We have one report that these guys shot the cops first and another indicating that two officers arrived on bicycles, then – apparently unarmed – they left. Either way, you’re on your own.

The sound is loud, the video is graphic:


In response, French President Francois Hollande called for an emergency cabinet meeting.

A meeting. Sure, that will fix it. Maybe those mommies should demand that the terrorists stop killing folks.

French police have reportedly geared up for an “assault,” after two other police officers (or one officer and one city employee, depending on which report you read) were shot, one fatally, in southern Paris by a man wearing body armor, less than 24 hours after the attack on the magazine office. This has been reported to be both unrelated, and related, to the previous massacre.


The NYPD has gone on “high alert,” is “reconfiguring deployment,” and even has a detective in Paris feeding information back home.

Maybe they need bigger “No Guns” signs?

Or just shoot the rats.


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