NRA leadership shakeup report from Mike Vanderboegh

Bob Dowlut (who has a shady past) retired as General Counsel. John Frazer (formerly ILA research director, who’d gone into private practice about a year ago) was named as his replacement. Dowlut was a (NRA EVP Wayne) LaPierre loyalist. Frazer is known as a (NRA-ILA Director Chris) Cox loyalist.

Chuck Cunningham (director of State Affairs) was made “senior adviser” i.e., put out to pasture. Cunningham is a LaPierre loyalist.

James Jay Baker, director of Federal Affairs, was made acting director of State affairs. In other words he was both demoted and, at the moment, place-holding for someone else. Baker is a LaPierre man. The new head of Federal Affairs is said to be a Cox man.

All of those replaced were reported to be competent and successful, but all were very loyal to LaPierre.

Takeover play by Cox, similar to how LaPierre deposed of Neal Knox?

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