More guns for Paris & the UK?

Following the deaths of two French police officers during the January 7 Charlie Hebdo attack and another officer death during an attack the following day, French police are demanding more guns and guns that are more powerful.

So even European police say that more guns are the answer, not fewer?

Enough gun?

“Let’s total this up. The four [Paris] attackers had body armor and radio communications. They were armed with numerous 9mm handguns, Kalashnikov rifles, a rocket launcher, 10 Molotov cocktails, 10 smoke grenades, a hand grenade, and 15 sticks of dynamite. These are the people we will be fighting in the fourth-generation warfare of the future. Why do you feel comfortable leaving your house armed only with a .38 snubnose and no spare ammo?” – Greg Ellifritz

And, can you shoot it?

In August 2014 the independent government advisory group in the UK known as JTAC (Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre) raised the threat level for the entire UK to “Severe,” just one step down from the maximum “Critical” level, where it still remains 5 months later. In the words of the conservative home secretary this week, attacks in the UK are “very likely.”

And the ability of UK people to effectively defend themselves from or to prevent such attacks remains “very unlikely,” which in turn, increases the likelihood of such attacks.


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