Cop killings

NYC cop killings

Tax-evading gun-banning “reverend” Al Sharpton refused to be upstaged by a cop killer who assassinated two New York City police officers on a Saturday, and held a press conference on that Sunday to tell the members of the compliant news media that he’s receiving death threats and hate emails. Gee, I wonder why? Protesters at a Sharpton-led march in the Murray Hill neighborhood of NYC also chanted “What do we want? Dead cops. When do we want it? Now.”

And the Ferguson protesters cheered. In fact, Ferguson protesters in Portland, OR, sang parody Christmas carols the weekend after Christmas, including “Deck The Halls With Rows of Dead Cops.”

Meanwhile, Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown gun ban group, the NAACP, and others blamed lax gun control laws for the assassinations, in spite of the very strict New York gun laws and the fact that the perp was a person prohibited from possessing a firearm (total gun ban) due to an extensive history of mental illness and criminal activity (jailed 9 times in GA) and had stolen guns in the past. He apparently brought this gun with him from GA. Peter Dreier ([email protected]), holder of the exalted title “E.P. Clapp Distinguished Professor of Politics” at Occidental College in Los Angeles, blamed the NRA.

Because you see, they want to take the guns away from the folks who didn’t do it.

The perp even bragged, “Watch what I’m going to do,” to two strangers on the Brooklyn street moments before moving toward the marked police car, armed with a silver handgun. Two strangers who, had they been legally armed, presumably could have stopped the assassinations and saved the cops. The killer had also made multiple online postings threatening government and police.

Facebook refused to pull a vile page on their network entitled “Kill The Police” (and worse), which was created after the assassinations. But Facebook has a history of removing sites related to firearms and greatly restricts advertising, stating that “ads may not promote firearms, ammunition, paintball guns, BB guns, fireworks, explosives, pepper spray, knives, tasers, or weapons of any kind, including those used for self-defense. Ads may not directly or indirectly link to landing pages where people can purchase any of these products.” Facebook’s policy is that pages calling for the murder or assassination of law enforcement officers are more acceptable than those advertising gun locks and safes.

Now NYPD officers going out on foot patrol have been directed to work only in pairs (just like the slain officers). Sentries are posted at station houses, to guard the armed cops. The department suspended patrols by auxiliary officers – unarmed volunteers who act as eyes and ears for the department. Detectives, who usually operate alone or in pairs, were told by the head of their union to go out in teams of three.

But we have no reports of any new NYPD actions taken to protect NYC’s millions of disarmed citizens – just the armed and trained officers.

Meanwhile in NC . . .

Meanwhile last week in a similar attack, a Durham, NC police officer sitting in a parked car writing reports saved his own life by spotting the approach of two men in his squad car’s rear-view mirror.

As the officer got out of the car to speak to them, one of the men pulled out a gun and began firing without saying a word. The would-be assassin fired six shots at the officer, striking the patrol car once.

The officer fired two rounds in return but police don’t know if either hit a perp.

The bigger news here is the silence of the lamestream media about the cop being aware and shooting back, instead of just getting dead.

We understand that there have been at least six recent attempts to assassinate cops in Los Angeles, St. Louis, New York City, Tampa, Miami, and Durham, plus the two PA state troopers killed in an ambush assassination in September. And another Durham officer was shot at inside his home this week in what his department “unofficially” thinks was a targeted attempt to terrorize the officer.

National LEO Memorial Fund report

The annual report released this week by the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund found that the number of law-enforcement officers killed with firearms jumped by 56% in 2014.

The report showed that 50 officers were killed (2 accidentally) with guns so far this year [2014], compared to 32 in 2013. In all, the report says 126 federal, local, tribal and territorial officers were killed in the line of duty, a 24% jump from last year’s 102 deaths. Shootings were the leading cause. The second was traffic-related fatalities. Of gun-related deaths among officers, the report found that 15 were ambush assaults, matching 2012 for the highest total since 1995.

Those numbers yield a homicide rate of about 5.3 per 100,000 for officers, while the FBI reports that the overall 2013 (latest figures) homicide rate was 4.6 per 100,000 Americans.

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