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Failure in the victim selection process

Thug attacks pastor who is a vocal gun rights supporter, with warning signs on his house, in his home. Pastor wins and is cleared of any wrongdoing, with the District Attorney saying the shooting “was completely legitimate… It was legitimate as could be.” Predictably, thug had thuggish social media postings. Read more here.

Let the racist leftist media hysteria about the poor darling baby begin…..

Poor baby #2

Armed robber’s family outraged that their little darling was justifiably shot while holding a gun to a kneeling victim’s head.

Maybe he’s not the only one in that family deserving of getting perforated.

FL church massacre

Did you hear about the church massacre in Florida this week? No? That’s because an armed pastor stopped it.

A church maintenance worker pulled out a gun and started shooting at the Living Water Fellowship Church pastor during a meeting convened to inform the man of his termination. The pastor wasn’t hit and pulled out his own gun and fired several times, striking the worker and sending him to the hospital. The worker has been or will be charged with aggravated assault with intent to kill.

Approximately 16 children were on site at the 1,000-member church at the time. None was injured.

Never give up

A clothing store owner in Kansas City, MO was shot nine times in an attempted robbery while exchanging gunfire with the robber. The victim suffered nine gunshot wounds to his stomach, thighs and arm, with no major arteries hit. We understand that both the victim and the perp were hospitalized in critical condition. We wish the victim a speedy easy recovery.

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