Kids and guns

14-year-old kills home invader, protects sick grandmother in Charlotte, NC.

Works for me.

Also note that the teenager is the son of a mechanic who was murdered when the boy was eight. The teen’s father was killed in 2008 at his auto repair business. A relative said, “He had the hood open in his car. He was a mechanic. It was his garage. Somebody came in and shot him.”

Lesson learned? Well, for the teen, if not the antis. He wasn’t caught unaware. Or unarmed. (more details)

Believe it or not, some of the lamestream news media are reporting this story as, “A 14-year-old Mecklenburg County boy shot and killed an 18-year-old ‘youth’ and threatened his 22-year-old brother with ‘gun violence’ in a case of death-dispensing ‘vigilante’ action,” and that the young killer’s grandfather admits leaving the loaded Glock handgun where the child had access to it, apparently a violation of North Carolina’s “safe storage” law.

Of course if they hadn’t done those things, the boy, his two brothers (or cousins) and his sick grandmother may well have been murdered.

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