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Meridian, MS

“The victim, luckily he had protection. He had his firearm,” Det. Thompson says. “Once they realized he was about to reach for his gun, they fled the scene.” (source)

Ferguson, MO unrest

On a “St. Louis Coptalk” forum, a claimed (but unconfirmed) Ferguson-area officer reportedly posted a warning about what he expects to happen in Ferguson. It said:

“If you do not have a gun, get one and get one soon. We will not be able to protect you or your family. It will be your responsibility to protect them. Our gutless commanders and politicians have neutered us. I’m serious, get a gun, get more than one, and keep one with you at all times.”

Other reports state that gun sales in the are are up 300%-700% and CCW permit applications have increased 63%-100%, depending on whose report you believe. A majority of the sales are reported to be to first-time buyers.

The FBI also reportedly issued an intelligence bulletin recently warning that the grand jury’s decision “will likely be exploited by some individuals to justify threats and attacks against law enforcement and critical infrastructure (electrical facilities and water treatment plants),” and “This also poses a threat to those civilians engaged in lawful or otherwise constitutionally protected activities.”

And at least one racially motivated rabble-rouser group claims it is offering a serious $5,000 reward to anyone with information on the subject officer’s whereabouts and $1,000 for each “close family” member located since many of them are in hiding.

Meanwhile, the MO National Guard has been activated.

Recall that during the California riots after the cops’ trial in the Rodney King beating, it was armed citizens, not government, who kept their neighborhoods protected after the cops bugged out.

This may not be limited to the St. Louis area. The website lists planned demos across the US.

Florida State

A Florida State University graduate who also held a law degree from Texas Tech opened fire early on Thursday at the FSU’s main library, wounding two students and an employee as hundreds were studying for exams. We understand that FSU is a gun free killing zone.

The attacker was then fatally shot by police near the entrance to Florida State’s Strozier Library.

First, note that the attack stopped when a good guy with a gun stopped it. Second, note that the gun ban didn’t stop it. Third, I suppose this means we should ban lawyers?

Florida State University President John Thrasher, who started the job earlier this month, was a state senator three years ago and was instrumental in blocking legislation that would have allowed concealed weapons permit holders to carry their guns openly, including on school campuses, after a previous fatal shooting on FSU property in which the victim was a friend of Thrasher’s. FSU police Chief David Perry was among university police officials and students in attendance who also opposed the bill. Note that neither the FSU President nor the police prevented the attack, and may in fact have contributed to its severity.


Did you hear about the massacre last Sunday in El Paso? No? Maybe because the attacker was stopped by an armed citizen.

A 23-year-old man had been thrown out of a club but returned to the entrance and started shooting. He hit five people, leaving one of them in serious condition.

The suspect was shot in the leg by an unknown individual and investigators believe this person was acting in self-defense. Apparently the attack stopped after that.

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