F&F case update

In a bizarre decision in former ATF Agent/whistleblower Jay Dobyns’ retaliation case, Judge Frances M. Allegra, has voided his own decision in favor of Dobyns.

That decision denounced the ATF, and it appealed to the Federal Court of Appeals. The appeal and a cross-appeal are still in process. In addition, Judge Allegra sealed all records concerning the case.

No explanation was given of why Allegra voided his decision, though Allegra’s sealing of the records is telling.

Further, no one associated with the case is commenting on what the decision means, but some (including me) speculate that the Obama administration is using extortion and blackmail to coerce members of the Judicial and Legislative branches of government to obtain the results that he desires. Remember that the FBI has long collected information on public figures and used this tactic for whatever administration. At this point I’m guessing their file on Judge Allegra is revealing.

We will be happy to entertain other explanations, if they exist. Otherwise, let the impeachments begin.

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