Bad cops; Bad athletes

Bad cops

An unidentified off-duty Chicago Police officer has been stripped of his arrest powers after he allegedly fired multiple times at an off-duty cop from neighboring Merrionette Park who pulled over the Chicago cop and showed his badge after suspecting the Chicago cop was driving drunk (with a fellow off-duty Chicago officer in the passenger seat). The 52-year-old Chicago cop has so far only been charged with a misdemeanor for allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol. If one of us ordinary people shot repeatedly at a cop while we were DUI, do you think we would get only a misdemeanor DUI charge?

A woman was recently traveling on a Houston, TX loop highway when she was cut off, then honked her horn and tried to get around the other driver. The other driver, now identified as Reserve Deputy Constable Kenneth Caplan, drove alongside her, rolled his window down, pointed his weapon and opened fire, investigators said. Caplan and his female passenger then fled the scene.

Because only cops should have guns….

Bad athletes

Three football players and one soccer player from Faulkner University in Montgomery, AL, attempted to break in to an occupied local home to commit a robbery, but the victim shot and killed one of the football players. The other three perps were charged with murder in his death (and presumably with attempted robbery and B&E).

Faulkner is an accredited 4-year university which started in 1942 as Montgomery Bible College with the mission to create an institution that provided preacher training and education based in God’s Holy Word. It grew and was renamed Alabama Christian College in 1953 and was renamed Faulkner University in 1985. The school states that “One thing that hasn’t changed since our founding days is our mission to be a distinctively Christian university, where God’s Word is taught and respected, and where students are encouraged to grow in intellect, character and service.”


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