Under pressure and Army boots . . .

5.56 NATO vs .223 SAAMI

“…the throat really matters. NATO is loaded to higher pressures than SAAMI. This can be to the tune of 15,000 psi difference. That much, folks, can cause ruptures and even upper receiver cracks. Another issue is NATO rounds can sometimes stick the bullet into the lands in a SAAMI chamber. That radically raises pressures.” – Glen Zediker

German testing

The Blaser R8 straight-pull bolt action has been tested by the German government at over 200,000 psi with no problems.

Army boots

We have a report that not only is the US Army transitioning to Coyote colored boots, all new styles in Coyote color sold through AAFES will have to meet as-yet-unpublished performance guidelines under the new Uniform Quality Control Program.

The concept is that any optional footwear will have to be submitted for evaluation and then carry an approval, presumably indicating that any footwear a Soldier wears should be able to live up to its name of Combat Boots. In short, no more garrison boots.

I wear boots exclusively – usually a black “tactical” model, a leather steel-toed work boot, or a hunting boot. In my experience, most boots on the market today, including most “name” brands, are foreign junk.

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