Fast & Furious documents released

Literally on the eve of the mid-term election this week, the Obama Administration finally released over 64,280 pages of documents that were illegally withheld from Congress after President Obama falsely asserted Executive Privilege on the eve of a contempt citation for Attorney General Eric Holder in June 2012. The release was ordered by a federal judge. It’s no coincidence that the information came to late to be revealed before voters went to the polls.

Early reviews note that DOJ admitted that the State Department (Hillary Clinton) was directly involved in illicitly withholding the documents. Also, contrary to his denial in testimony before Congress, the documents indicate that Holder was at the heart of deliberations over the scandal, and even that some Congressional Democrats were in the F&F cover-up loop. It will be a big surprise if those documents or others not yet submitted don’t indicate criminal conspiracies in both the cover-up and the operation, not to mention all the felonies during the operation.

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