MS Coastal Coyotes

“In the neighborhood areas, the easy food is dogs and cats. That’s their main feast…. The only way to get rid of the coyotes is to shoot or trap them.” — from The Sun Herald

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Spent Brass Bears

African hunting updates + Bears!

African hunting updates We have a report that Zimbabwe has lifted its Aug. 2 hastily-imposed countrywide ban on lion, leopard and elephant hunting, passed in the wake of global outrage over the killing of a lion by a US hunter. The ban remains in place in certain specific local areas, including where that lion was killed. From the AP: “‘The

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Texas hogs

We have a report that African warthogs are being seen in parts of South Texas. They are believed to be escapees from nearby exotic ranches, but some are roaming around at least one wildlife management area. Gee honey, now I need a warthog gun….

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