Spent Brass Bears

African hunting updates + Bears!

African hunting updates

We have a report that Zimbabwe has lifted its Aug. 2 hastily-imposed countrywide ban on lion, leopard and elephant hunting, passed in the wake of global outrage over the killing of a lion by a US hunter. The ban remains in place in certain specific local areas, including where that lion was killed.

From the AP:

“‘The decision by Delta Air Lines to enforce a blanket ban fails to distinguish between the trade in and transportation of legally acquired wildlife specimens, and the illegal exploitation and trade in wildlife specimens,’ the South African ministry of environment said in a statement.

Neighboring Namibia also warned that a ban by airlines on trophy transportation will hurt its economy and conservation efforts that rely on revenue from hunters.

‘This will be the end of conservation in Namibia,’ the Namibia Press Agency quoted Pohamba Shifeta, the environment and tourism minister, as saying.”


We have a report this week of the fatal mauling of a man in Yellowstone National Park by a grizzly bear.

We also continue to see reports of black bear sightings in MS, which is a growing trend in parts of the state not bordering the MS river. Just assume you may find one most anywhere in the state. They are protected by law.

Brass bears

Spent Brass Bears
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