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  • The government is appealing a US District Court ruling that the unconstitutional Post Office gun ban is in fact unconstitutional. The case is United States v. Ayala.
  • Another Bruen vacation: The Second Amendment case of Morin v Lyver, granted certiorari, vacated, and remanded back to the US First Circuit Court of Appeals by the US Supreme Court, has been decided in favor of the plaintiff, Alfred Morin.
  • US District Court Judge Matthew J. Kacsmaryk who issued a temporary restraining order (TRO) lasting until June 2, 2024, against the ATF’s background check rule has extended the TRO to June 16, 2024. That’s the rule that redefines “engaged in the business” to make most everyone a gun dealer. The granting of a TRO means that the judge thinks it’s likely that Texas will win. The case is State of Texas v. ATF.
  • The Thing About the Scales of Justice



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  • 31 Army issue SIG M17 pistols went missing from Fort Moore (Ft. Benning) Georgia earlier this year. Army CID is on the case.


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  • Product review: Army canteen
    • My old Army canteen sprang a small leak along the side seam last week. This is the old green plastic quart size canteen that came with a padded green canvas ALICE pouch. I can’t say whether the pouch and canteen are of the same vintage. The thing about this canteen is I bought it as an obviously used but good condition war surplus item from a now-defunct Meridian, MS, war surplus store (Wallace Discount?) over 50 years ago – somewhere around 1970. It’s probably WWII or Korea issue. I probably paid $4-6 for it. It has been kept filled with water and carried with me or in my truck pretty much continuously for the last 40 years, and has been frozen more than a few times. It has been used for hunting, fishing, camping, Boy Scouts, canoeing, working and just kept in the truck to always have drinking water, where it remains today. The pic is of an identical item. I think I got my money’s worth, and will replace it with one just like it. Now the price is an astounding $5 for a new mil-spec USA-made version without the pouch.
A military-style green water canteen with the letters "US" printed on the cover, featuring a secured cap and buttoned flap closure.

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