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Instagram comment exchange where one user expresses disappointment that a company is not having a Memorial Day sale, and the company responds that Memorial Day is not for increasing sales volume.

Memorial Day Epilogue

We note that some military cemeteries are on national battlefield sites at national parks under the purview of the National Park Service and not the VA. As such, federal law generally allows carry there in accordance with state law applicable to state parks in the state where the park is. Carry is still banned in federal “facilities,” meaning pretty much any building or structure.

Civics lesson

The Second Amendment does not say “the right of the people to keep and bear arms in common use at the time shall not be infringed.” Nor does it preclude “dangerous and unusual” weapons.

Text in stylized yellow and black font reads "Become Ungovernable" with a stylized symbol.


  • Bruen fallout: The North Carolina Court of Appeals has thrown out the conviction of a homeless man who kept guns in his car while seeking kidney treatment at UNC Hospitals – a gun free zone – in 2021. Appellate judges agreed the state law used to convict the man unconstitutionally restricted his Second Amendment rights, saying “When the application of a statute impedes conduct protected by the plain text of the Second Amendment, it is presumptively unconstitutional.”
  • The US Supreme Court has declined to hear a challenge to a Maryland “assault weapons” ban enacted after the Sandy Hook school massacre in 2012. However, the SCOTUS appeal was likely immature and an AWB case is likely coming back.
  • Two years after the Uvalde school massacre, 19 families of victims filed multiple state wrongful death lawsuits in California and Texas against social media giant Meta, Activision – the maker of the popular video game “Call of Duty” – and Daniel Defense, the manufacturer of the AR-15 which the teen gunman used in the shooting. One of the two lawsuits was filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court against both Activision and Meta – Instagram’s parent company. The second lawsuit, against Daniel Defense, was filed in Uvalde District Court. The suits allege that the respondents collaborated to market firearms to “insecure, adolescent boys,” and that “Daniel Defense used Instagram to extol the illegal, murderous use of its weapons.”
  • The families have settled a suit against the City of Uvalde and its police department, but have also filed new suits against state police officers and the Uvalde School District and some if its leaders.
  • The US Supreme Court unanimously reversed a lower court decision tossing out the NRA’s lawsuit against ex-New York state Department of Financial Services Superintendent Maria Vullo. The NRA said Vullo violated its free speech rights by pressuring banks and insurance companies to blacklist it after the school shooting in Parkland, Florida in 2018. The NRA had nothing to do with the shooting.



  • PETA
A golden retriever puppy and a ginger and white kitten lie next to each other on a newspaper.

According to the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, which requires all animal shelters to report the number of cats and dogs they handle each year, PETA euthanized 2,471 animals in 2023. The shelter took in a total of 3,136 animals last year, so that is a 79% death rate for animals entrusted to PETA’s care. Only about 1% of the animals surrendered to the organization in 2023 were successfully adopted.


A person is wearing a black t-shirt with text that reads, "Too old to fight, too slow to run, but I can still shoot pretty darn good," above an image of an eagle and American flags.

Defensive Knife Use

“Once armed with the knife, he [the homeowner] went to work on Mr. Lindsey Glenn. Ultimately, Glenn was cut to pieces and very much deceased by the time deputies could get to him. I would like to commend the male victim for his bravery in defending his wife and their home. If everyone defended their home and family in such a manner, we’d have much less crime in our area.” – Highland County (FL) Sheriff Paul Blackman

Not DGUs

Tactics & Stuff

Three-panel meme. In the first panel, a young boy says, "I see dead people." In the second panel, a man asks, "What are these dead people doing?" In the third, the boy replies, "Carrying with an empty chamber.

Build your own mortar. (repeat from 2019)

A suburban house with a tank parked outside and two heavy artillery guns mounted on the roof, illustrating an exaggerated pro-Second Amendment stance. Text: "So how pro 2nd amendment are you? Me:".


The A-10 Warthog’s Avenger Cannon story



  • Ammo prices are rising with no apparent end in sight. Stock up.
  • Browning has rebates.
  • Burris’ new SpeedBead™ Vent Rib Mount attaches the FastFire Series Red Dots to your shotgun vent rib with no drilling and tapping. Rib adapters included to fit multiple rib widths. I don’t know how well these will work for non-metallic ribs. $60.
  • The Rossi LWC (Lightweight Carbine) is a break-open single shot compact rifle currently available in .350 Legend and 300 Blackout, and soon also available in 5.56 NATO, 6.5 Creedmoor, .357 Magnum, .44 Magnum, and 8.6 Blackout. It has a polymer stock and threaded 16.5″ barrel and an OAL of just 31.5″. 5.24 lbs. $334.
  • The Mossberg Silver Reserve Eventide HS12 is a cut-down over-under 12 ga. shotgun made for home security. It has 18.5″ fixed cylinder bore barrels with extractors and 3″ chambers. Synthetic furniture. Pic rails top and bottom. OAL is 36″ and weight is 6.75 lbs. $770, which is kinda like $385 per shot.


“When I shot him it was based on what HE did, not on what I did.” – Clint Smith


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