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Two images: The top shows a damaged WWII aircraft mid-flight, with part of its structure missing. The bottom shows two men inspecting the large hole in the aircraft's side after landing.


The NRA has endorsed Donald Trump for President. Mr. Trump is actually no friend of gun owners, but previously did an outstanding job with appointments to the federal judiciary, which is my only consideration when voting for President.

A grey t-shirt reads, "Biden will never take my guns. I keep them upstairs," with a silhouette of a gun. An American flag patch is on the sleeve.


  • The GOP-led US House passed a bill last week to allow more law enforcement officers to carry concealed firearms across state lines. The LEOSA Reform Act, if it became law, would broaden the “authority for certain law enforcement officers to carry concealed firearms across state lines.” The legislation would also allow “qualified active and retired law enforcement officers to carry concealed firearms and ammunition (including magazines) in school zones; in national parks; on state, local, or private property that is open to the public; and in certain federal facilities that are open to the public.” We note that the Second Amendment does not protect government officials’ right to bear arms, so what about the rest of us, who ARE protected by the 2A???


  • The US Supreme Court issued significant orders this week in two key Second Amendment cases: Bianchi v. Brown and Srour v. NYC.
  • The US District Court for the District of Oregon is thumbing its nose at the US Supreme Court’s Bruen decision.
  • Federal Judge Grants Partial Injunction Against New ATF Rule on Gun Sales
  • Security guard at a high-crime Des Moines, Iowa apartment complex calls police after he sees a vehicle moving about very late at night to various places where it’s illegal to park, with a passenger swinging a gun around. Police arrive, vehicle tries to leave, police conduct a Terry stop, and they discover the gun. The man with the gun is a felon, so it’s a federal crime for him to have it. District court: Permitless carry is legal in Iowa so those circumstances didn’t provide reasonable suspicion for the stop and search; gun suppressed. Eighth Circuit: Seems plenty suspicious to us, gun unsuppressed.
  • The Ninth Circuit, in U.S. v. Duarte, has joined the Third Circuit’s Range decision in holding the Gun Control Act’s ban on firearm possession by felons (18 U.S.C. § 922(g)(1)) in violation of the Second Amendment as applied to convictions for non-violent offenses that have no Founding-era analogues. The court’s opinion is extraordinarily thorough and deserves a deeper dive. Read up.
  • Baldwin prosecution update.

We’re from the government…

Image of a television news broadcast showing a modified firearm with a chainsaw attachment, with a news ticker stating, "Chainsaw mounted to rifle found in raid". Caption beneath reads, "I wonder how the ATF would categorize this?.
Two ATF police officers stand together while other officers are in the background near an emergency vehicle.
  • GOP lawmakers on the House Judiciary Committee’s Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government scrutinized how ATF agents on March 19 approached airport executive Bryan Malinowski’s home in Chenal Valley, Arkansas, and broke down his door to serve a warrant, resulting in the fatal shooting of Malinowski.


The Only Ones

  • Atlanta Police Officer Koby Minor, 34, who shot and killed a Lyft driver who was driving him home was arrested and charged with murder. Minor was on unpaid leave at the time after an arrest on drug charges on Christmas Day last year.
  • Auburn, WA, Police Officer Jeff Nelson is on trial for murder by use of unreasonable force in a case involving Nelson’s third killing in eight years. According to the report, Nelson allegedly essentially administered a coup de grâce to a suspect already shot and down.
  • Hinds County, MS, District 2 Supervisor Anthony Smith was expelled from Monday’s meeting after the sheriff noticed Smith had a handgun concealed under his jacket. He had no CCW license but was not arrested.
  • Also in Hinds County, FBI agents executed federal search warrants Wednesday at the Hinds County District Attorney’s office in the courthouse and a business owned by Hinds County DA Jody Owens, along with other locations. The affidavit in support of the search warrants has been sealed by the court and that is all we know. Owens was elected in 2019 and assumed office in 2020. He was re-elected in 2023 and began his second term in January. Before becoming DA, he served as chief policy counsel and managing attorney for the Mississippi Office of the Southern Poverty Law Center hate group.


Tactics & Stuff

  • Attorney selection. Ayoob. Read it.

“A guilty man’s lawyer who gives an innocent client a guilty man’s defense will likely end up with a guilty man’s verdict.”

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