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Action item.

  • Ballots for the 2024 NRA Board of Director election must be received on April 28th.


Children's toy with a modified message about gun ownership placed on a furry surface.



Mississippi AG opinion on public cops for private schools (pdf link)




  • The Justice Department apprehended five individuals across Texas for their involvement in purchasing firearms illicitly and facilitating their transfer to drug cartels in Mexico. Apparently the ATF agents involved in similar schemes continue to be ignored.
  • And now the feds have defunded Project Thor, a successful operation to interdict illegal firearm smuggling from the US to Mexico.


  • The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives New Orleans Field will deploy a National Integrated Ballistic Information Network mobile unit to Jackson, MS, allegedly to assist law enforcement agencies in Jackson and throughout the Southern District of Mississippi with investigating crimes committed with firearms. However, we know that forensic matching of fired bullets or cases to a particular firearm has been debunked and is simply not reliable science. They are NOT like fingerprints.

The Only Ones


  • President Joe Biden brags about his unconstitutional gun control acts.
  • Another Ceasefire anti-gun activist arrested for being a felon on drugs with a gun.
  • Memphis Mayor Paul Young, in partnership with the racist anti-gun, anti-police African American Mayors Association (AAMA), announced the launch of the Black Mayors’ Coalition on Crime (BMCC), an “initiative to harness the collective power of black mayors across the nation to fight crime.” The inaugural meeting took place in Memphis on March 27-28 with 21 mayors and their proxies from Washington D.C., IN, TN, MO, MS, LA, AR, GA, AZ, CA, and NC, including Jackson, MS, Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba, who famously tried to override state law on gun carry by executive order and was slapped down by the state Supreme Court. The meeting attracted attention for being hidden from the media and the public. What are they really up to? Why don’t they want anyone to know about it?
  • Another racist anti-gun former mayor, Ray “Chocolate City” Nagin of New Orleans, who was convicted on federal bribery, money laundering and other corruption charges in 2014, has completed his 10-year prison sentence and is asking a federal judge to restore his rights to carry a gun and vote. Nagin was responsible for ordering law enforcement to conduct widespread assault, abuse and forcible disarmament of law-abiding citizens in their homes in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, and now he wants HIS guns back.
  • Brady Bunch President Kris Brown trotted out a new lie on CNN recently, claiming that “We lose eight kids a day… to family fire. That’s due to firearms in the home that are not safely stored.”
  • New York City officials announced a pilot program last week to deploy portable gun scanners in the subway system, part of an effort to deter violence underground and to make the system “FEEL” safer. We note that transportation systems and public places are not exempt from the Bill of Rights.
  • The gun ban group 97 Percent has been stealing and posting on its website images and personal information of pro-gun female shooters and/or leaders within the Second Amendment community, falsely posing them as supporting the group’s anti-gun stance.


A man dressed in western attire riding a horse, holding a rifle and a pistol.


  • The federal government has drafted a plan to kill half a million invasive barred owls along the west coast. But if you try that yourself, they will arrest you. You know, because the Constitution gives the federal government the power to regulate owl hunters in Article…. well, wait, they have no such authority.
Text overlay on an image of the united states congress with the preamble of the u.s. constitution, suggesting the constitution was meant to keep the government in check, not the citizens.


The ACLDN and Rangemaster April (pdf link) newsletters are out.


Jesus and guns. FWIW.

Tactics & Stuff


Industry News

  • Representative Clay Higgins (R-LA), a member of the House Homeland Security Committee, has asked Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen to “thoroughly review national security concerns” in the proposed sale of US-based Vista Outdoor’s ammunition business to the foreign holding company Czechoslovak Group (CSG), saying that the sale of Vista Sporting Products to CSG would result in the firm controlling “nearly 70% of production capacity for primers in the Western world.” Vista Outdoor has also recently received an enhanced complete buyout bid from MNC Capital Partners, L.P.
  • USMC updates marksmanship standards.


  • Free printable targets from MidwayUSA.
  • First Impressions of the New Lispseys Snubs. Ellifritz.
    • “I was more impressed by the fact that the guns actually functioned.”
  • Franklin Armory, home of the binary AR trigger, now has a “trinary” 3-shot trigger.
  • Fiocchi announced a dedicated crow hunting shotshell to maximize crow mortality with a wad that delivers an “incredibly dense” pattern in a shorter shot string than traditional shotshells. Fiocchi’s new Caw Caw Cawtridge also has integrated an App-based crow call built into every Caw Caw ammo box. Hunters can bring the box with them into the field and select one of three popular calls: Feeding Crow, Fighting Crows, or Dying Crow. Offered in 12-, 20-, and 28-gauge, and in .410 bore. No price listed. This may be an April Fools scam.
  • The Holosun DPS -TH and -NV digital pistol sights use an optic mounted topside of your gun that wirelessly communicates with a sensor unit installed on the forward dustcover underrail. The optics work like standard red dots in daytime, but at night the thermal or night vision sensor provides an overlay in the optic for enhanced visibility during low light hours.

Mississippi Legislation Update

2024 MS Gun Bills Still Alive

4/3/2024 – Summary of gun related bills still alive this legislative session. NOT guaranteed complete.

Next deadline: April 10 Deadline for ORIGINAL FLOOR ACTION on general bills and constitutional amendments originating in OTHER HOUSE.

HB 903
By: Reps. Felsher, Boyd (19th), Denton
Amended version PASSED Senate Jud. B. Goes to full Senate.

Creates a state felony criminal offense for manufacture, possession, or use of a machine gun conversion device.

HB 1379
By: Reps. Barton, Roberson
Amended version PASSED Senate Ed. & App.; Goes to full Senate.

Amended version does not include state-required standards and protocols for school “active shooter” drills but establishes a task force and mandates the “Mississippi Behavioral Threat Assessment Management System.” Drills are already required by state law.

HB 1441
By: Reps. Horan, McLean
Amended versions PASSED Senate Jud. B.; Goes to full Senate.

Amended version adds a mandatory 20-year additional prison term for any person who uses or displays any firearm during the commission of a felony that is defined as a crime of violence in Section 97-3-2.

HC 19
By: Rep. Eubanks
To: Rules

House Concurrent Resolution to declare the State of Mississippi as a “Second Amendment Sanctuary” state.

SB 2186
By: Sen. England
PASSED House Jud. B.; Goes to full House.

Provides that money received by any law enforcement agency can be used to purchase “equipment” instead of just “bulletproof vests” for that agency. The original law is flawed anyway: allowing an agency to directly profit from seized property is a bad idea. Funds should be sent to the state’s general fund or back to the taxpayers.

SB 2627
By: Sen. DeLano
Substitute bill To: House Jud. B.
DIED in Committee.

Creates a state felony criminal offense for manufacture, possession, or use of a machine gun conversion device. For purposes of this act, the term “machine gun conversion” means and includes devices that convert ordinary semiautomatic firearms into fully automatic machine guns, which may include, but shall not be limited to “Glock switches” or “auto-sears.” Same as HB 903.

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