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A man in a suit is talking to a man in a suit with the caption whenever the government tells me i'm. The conversation could potentially revolve around litigation or the NRA Election.

Add your name to GOA’s pre-written letter urging your US Representative and two Senators to stop the reauthorization of the Undetectable Firearms Act of 1988 (UFA), which otherwise expires soon. The UFA bans the manufacture, sale, or import of any firearm that a metal detector cannot detect, and the Biden Administration has shown a willingness to weaponize the UFA in order to enact a widespread ban on firearms that contain plastic parts.

The ballots for the 2024 NRA Board election go out to eligible voters in the March issue of the NRA official magazines.


Southern Illinois US District Judge Stephen McGlynn told the state of Illinois, “I’m not interested in delaying this case for any length of time so that the government can figure out what [gun ban] they’ve passed in the legislation.” The case, consolidated as Barnett v. Raoul, is a challenge of Illinois’ recent gun ban.

On January 31, 2024, US District Court Judge Susan P. Watters published an opinion on the motion to dismiss the Gun Free School Zone case in Billings, Montana. She erroneously found the unconstitutional federal Gun Free School Zone Act to be constitutional. We’re not done here.

The US Ninth Circus Court of Appeals has granted a stay in the case of Rhode v. Bonta, in which US District Judge Roger Benitez in San Diego blocked California from enforcing state laws requiring people to undergo background checks and other restrictions when they buy ammunition. Of course they have no reason, except hoplophobia.

A document with the name of a judge involved in litigation is shown.

In the case of Colon v BATFE, US District Judge Mary S. Scriven has granted an order for a preliminary injunction to prevent the BATFE, the DOJ, and others from enforcing the ATF’s Final Rule banning pistol braces against any Florida resident who has purchased or who may purchased in the future, any brace-equipped firearm before the resolution of the court case.

The Hawaii Supreme court is begging to be the whack-a-mole:

“Article I, section 17 of the Hawai’i Constitution mirrors the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution,” the Hawaiian court wrote in Hawaii v. Wilson. “We read those words differently than the current United States Supreme Court. We hold that in Hawai’i there is no state constitutional right to carry a firearm in public.”

Gun Owners of America and the Gun Owners Foundation have filed a federal lawsuit (pdf link) in the Northern District of New York, challenging that state’s blanket ban on out-of-state residents being able to obtain a concealed carry permit or to have New York honor out-of-state permits. Another Stephen Stamboulieh case.

NRA corruption trial

Word is that the NRA defense testimony so far is essentially agreement with the prosecution’s accusations and assurances that they will do better (in spite of having purged the Board and staff of all the folks who were trying to do right all along).

Related: The ballots for the 2024 NRA Board election go out to eligible voters in the March issue of the NRA official magazines. Yes, I repeated this item on purpose. Go bullet vote.


The US Department of Justice is apparently still sending guns to criminals in Mexico.


The Everytown gun ban group’s “The Smoking Gun” issued a hit piece entitled “DEADLY INNOVATIONS FROM THE 2024 SHOT SHOW” (caps theirs). Some of the deadly innovations? S&W and Henry lever action rifles designed in the 19th century..

Taylor Swift. I’m a music fan and have tried listening to some of her stuff. But it isn’t very good.

NBA basketball player Shaquille O’Neal is cosponsoring a gun “buyback” program in Dallas.

Julius Malema, possibly next prime minister of South Africa, is refusing to rule out killing all white people in South Africa. If genocide commences, don’t look for western involvement, as that would be racist.


In an unexpected twist, a teenage boy initially charged for stabbing two students at Martin Van Buren High School in Queens will not be prosecuted. The sudden change in course has come after a social media video supporting the boy’s claim of self-defense emerged.

Prosecutors declined to charge an 80-year-old burglary victim who admitted executing one of the burglars. Do not try this at home.

Not a DGU. But not what you think.

The Only Ones

Two Harris County (TX) Sheriff’s deputies believed a Cloverleaf woman was an intruder when they shot her inside her apartment Saturday morning.

San Francisco police station burglarized.

Department of Idiocy

A toy gun at a high school in Coweta County (GA) sparked a large police response Monday afternoon. The incident started with reports of a person with a gun on the campus of the Central Educational Center around 12:30 p.m. Officers from the Newnan Police Department and the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office swarmed the school to investigate. Police later said they were able to secure the school and determined that a student had a keychain with what appeared to be small revolver on it. “Students noticed and reported the keychain as an actual firearm… …There is no threat to the school, staff or students,” police said.

Can’t blame the police for that one. Keep in mind that these same kids who thought that was a gun will be demanding high-paying jobs for doing nothing in a couple of years, and will be voting Democrat.

Tactics & Stuff

I don’t often post lengthy video links. But this one is worth a listen.




Industry News

  • More ammo shortages? This situation was reiterated by representatives from two different powder industry companies’ reps interviewed at SHOT.
  • I just noticed that Germany’s Korth offers apprenticeships. From the website:

“Youths with technical talent, interest in technical correlations, patience and diligence in carrying out precise work and pleasure in team playing are welcome. We offer apprenticeships in the areas of gunsmiths and precision engineering.”

US manufacturers should take note.


Shoot Mo Betta

Just a shout out to perhaps the coolest most politically incorrect gun school name out there. Engineer Glen Wong’s “Shoot Mo Betta.”



  • At the time of this writing, Palmetto State Armory has the FMK AR-Extreme Polymer stripped lower receiver marked down to just $30. 4.3 oz.
  • The Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute, Inc. (SAAMI) has announced the acceptance of two new rifle cartridges for SAAMI standardization:
    • 22 Advanced Rifle Cartridge – The 22 ARC was introduced by the Hornady Manufacturing Co. with a 75-grain bullet at 3,075 fps and a Maximum Average Pressure of 52,000 psi.
    • 22 Creedmoor – The 22 CM was introduced by the Hornady Manufacturing Co. with an 80-grain bullet at 3,250 fps and a Maximum Average Pressure of 62,000 psi.
  • Davidson’s has collaborated with Pietta, Italy to produce an exclusive new 1873 Peacemaker style revolver chambered in .44 Remington Magnum. It features a large ramp front sight, an adjustable rear target sight, transfer bar safety to allow safe loading of all six rounds, a 7.5-inch cold hammer-forged barrel, unfluted six-round cylinder, knurled hammer, walnut grips, and a deep, gorgeous, blued finish. $1100.
A revolver sitting on a wooden table.
  • Timney’s new AK47 Trigger is a cassette-type drop-in unit that uses hex screws to center the trigger pack in the receiver and steady it while the pins are installed. It has an adjustable screw to match the various safety levers used on AK rifles. It is compatible with the following country variants: Bulgarian, Chinese, East German, Hungarian, Korean, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, United States, and Yugoslavian AKMs. Crisp, single-stage pull weight is 3.5 lbs. $250.
  • Germany’s top-end Spohr revolvers are coming to the US. Competition for Korth I guess.
  • Diamondback’s concept TG-Nine is a new 9mm “Tommy Gun” with a fixed wood stock with a wood pistol grip and foregrip. It uses a 50-round MagPul PMag drum magazine. A 45-inch guitar case is also included.
  • J.P. Sauer and Sohn, Germany’s oldest manufacturer of hunting firearms, is pleased to introduce the new and very nice Sauer 505 bolt-action rifle. MAXIMUM trigger pull is 2.75 lbs. Very nice. $3500.
  • Arbortex Forestwear has introduced the first ever chainsaw protective Realtree camo pattern pants and jackets in Realtree Brown, Lime Green/Yellow, or Orange. For when you want to hide from the deer while you’re chainsawing their trees I guess.


“Just because something is broken doesn’t mean you can’t fix it.” – Tank Hoover

An old black and white photo of a man on a tractor.


What I’m reading.

Front sight by stephen hunter.

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