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Action Item

In order to stop the permanent reauthorization of the Plastic Gun Ban and defund the anti-gunners at the ATF, GOA has changed its grassroots strategy by sending separate letters to Republican and Democrat members of Congress, based on their support of or opposition to the effort. You can add your name here. There are several letters to scroll through.


U.S. District Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle of the Middle District of Florida, Tampa Division, ruled last Friday (pdf link) that a federal law (18 USC § 930(a)) that bars people from possessing firearms in post offices is unconstitutional, citing the Bruen decision. Mizelle said that while post offices have existed since the nation’s founding, no historical practice dating back to the 1700s justified the ban. Federal law did not bar guns in government buildings until 1964 and post offices until 1972. (Since 1971, when it was rebranded as the US Postal Service, USPS is technically a “government sponsored enterprise,” and not an actual government agency.) Keep an eye on this one.

The U.S. Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals will reconsider en banc its panel’s 2-1 ruling in the case of Maryland Shall Issue v Wes Moore, that found a Maryland law unconstitutional that requires residents to get a handgun qualification license before purchasing or obtaining a firearm. The Maryland attorney general’s office is arguing that the U.S. Supreme Court in its Bruen decision okayed licensing programs like Maryland’s requiring “applicants to undergo a background check or pass a firearms safety course, [and thus] are designed to ensure only that those bearing arms in the jurisdiction are, in fact, ‘law-abiding, responsible citizens.'” The Circuit’s en banc hearing is simply to prevent the panel’s pro-2A ruling from becoming case law.

The U.S. Supreme Court has denied one request to review the Illinois assault weapon ban, but many believe the court is more likely to take up another challenge to the law later this year.

U.S. District Judge David C. Joseph of the Western District of Louisiana has ruled that a federal law requiring registration of firearm silencers is an allowable restriction under the Second Amendment, dismissing a two-count indictment charging a man with possessing five silencers that weren’t registered to him and weren’t identifiable by serial number, in violation of the National Firearms Act. Joseph said the federal law is supported by the historical tradition of regulating gun silencers. I suspect the “history” of restricting silencers won’t meet the Bruen standard.

US District Court Judge Angel Kelley dismissed a lawsuit by a now former radiologist over Massachusetts’ state gun laws, saying the Supreme Court still gives states the rights to regulate guns, and because the plaintiff has an undecided appeal in state court.

Victim Ryan Gould has filed a federal lawsuit against former Palm Beach, FL, Police Department officer Bethany Guerriero, who pulled a gun on him and arrested him improperly after he called police for help early last year.

Sig Sauer doubles down on legal pistol stabilizing braces. Video.

DOJ says NRA’s First Amendment rights were violated by the former Superintendent of the New York State Department of Financial Services.

NRA corruption trial

It seems to me that Charles Cotton should be put in jail – not in office – for his role in the embezzlement of NRA members’ funds. Since he’s such good buddies with Wayne LaPierre, maybe they can share a cell.

  • The Everytown gun ban group has an anti-NRA website that does a surprisingly good job of documenting the trial testimony. You can peruse it here. In short, the NRA “leadership” is a bunch of crooks stealing your money.
  • Related: NRA Board election. I hope the court will moot the election with a legitimate reorganization of the group, including throwing out current and past Board members responsible for the debacle.


President Biden has appointed more federal judges than former President Trump – or any other president except Nixon. 215 so far. But the media isn’t reporting on them, probably because they’re not critical of what we’re getting this time.

Speaking of Medicaid expansion…

The Biden administration is giving your federal Medicaid tax dollars to fund gun ban cartels around the country, claiming it is for “firearm violence prevention.” It’s unclear how much of our money will ultimately be stolen for these programs.


The Georgia United Credit Union now prohibits its account holders from spending their own money from those accounts to buy guns, gun parts or accessories, or ammunition in person-to-person transactions. Apparently the policy does not yet apply to retail sales.

  • Johns Hopkins. Still.

A recent report titled “Defending Democracy: Addressing the Danger of Armed Insurrection,” by the anti-gun Center for Gun Violence Solutions, which is part of Johns Hopkins (Michael) Bloomberg School of Public Health, supported by the Joyce Foundation and the Morningstar Foundation, says that if the government doesn’t take our guns there will be another civil war. I suggest exactly the opposite. The two foundations mentioned are both anti-gun and the Morningstar Foundation funds hate groups.

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Mississippi hunters


Maybe I should have joined the military after all.


Tactics & Stuff

“I’ve seen enough guns in classes go down from shooting 5.56-rated ammo in a .223 leade that I check it [leade/chamber]. I wouldn’t assume that a rifle marked 5.56 IS 5.56” – Patrick Sweeney

“If your car is moving, it’s a defensive tool. If it is sitting still, it’s a coffin.” – Jim Wilson


Industry Growth



  • Norma’s new XTREME Long Range .22 LR load – “a new standard of precision at distances beyond 500+ yards.” Interesting.
  • Savage Arms has announced the latest addition to their 110 series of precision rifles, the 110 Ultralite Elite, which has an HNT26 folding carbon fiber stock from MDT and a PROOF Research barrel. The Ultralite Elite is available in 6.5CM, 6.5PMC, .308 Winchester, 7mm PRC, .300 Win Mag and .300 WSM in 18 and 20-inch barrel lengths. $3,300.
  • Federal’s new Freight Train Copper is an all-new lineup of tipped sabot slugs in 12- or 20-gauge, and 2-3/4- or 3-inch. Accurate, ballistically efficient, and expansive.
  • Federal Premium buckshot loads with the rear-braking FLITECONTROL wad to provide superior patterns are now available in a 20-gauge, No. 2 Buck load.
  • Hammerli Arms’ new Force B1 precision rimfire rifle features a straight-pull bolt action, toolless quick-change barrel system, magwell adaptable to Ruger rotary magazines, adjustable competition-style stock, threaded muzzle, Picatinny rail and Ruger 10/22 compatible custom trigger. Available in .22 LR and .22 WMR. 5.75 lbs. $650.
  • CCI’s new Uppercut .22 LR, 32-grain, jacketed hollow point bullet features nose skiving that initiates full and reliable expansion through 2.5- to 4-inch pistols.
  • CCI’s new Hevi-Bismuth pest control centerfire handgun shotshells are loaded with the Catalyst lead-free primer and 9.6 g/cc HEVI-Bismuth pellets. Available in 9mm, .38/.357, .40 S&W, .44 Spl/Mag., .45 ACP, and .45 Colt. An answer looking for a problem I suppose.
  • Also from CCI is a new 10mm shotshell with 105 gr. of #9 shot, presumably lead.
  • Walther Arms now has PDP pistols with a steel frame.
  • Rossi now offers its R95 lever action rifle in the .45-70 Government model, with 16.5″, 20″, and 22″ barrel options. 5+1 capacity, drilled & tapped for optics.
  • You’ve heard of a brass bra. Here you go.


“I’d rather face a doofus with a $3000 Wilson pistol than a hard man with a sharp stick.” – John Farnam

“If the world is round, they’ll be back in a couple of minutes.” – Grits Gresham, about Teal ducks.

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