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A fellow blogger said this week that the online blog world is dying and not many people visit internet blog pages anymore. Apparently people prefer to be spoon-fed information pushed out to their cell phones, which of course is heavily filtered. That blogger is moving to a paid Patreon service which somehow magically fixes the problem. His problem is that lower traffic equals lower financial income.

Since I do this newsletter and website completely free, I suffer no such constraints. I receive no income from clicks or advertisers or gear makers or readers. All of my income is from earned retirement checks and investment income from saved paychecks. That’s it. I have few subscribers and few visitors. But the message remains the same and I do not profit from it. Just FYI.

I continue to thank and be indebted to Mike Allen of Businesswright Consulting LLC for doing the website for free.


In the December 8 opinion (pdf link) by a three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, the New York law banning the carry of firearms in churches was overturned on First Amendment grounds, with the court saying “the CCIA [Concealed Carry Improvement Act] is not neutral because it allows the owners of many forms of private property, including many types of retail businesses open to the public, to decide for themselves whether to allow firearms on the premises while denying the same autonomy to places of worship. By adopting a law that applies differently as to places of worship (alongside the other enumerated sensitive places) than to most other privately owned businesses and properties, the CCIA is, on its face, neither neutral nor generally applicable.”

It’s like Mississippi’s law, which I’ve been saying for 30+ years is unconstitutional because it bans acts on church property which are completely legal most everywhere else in the state. You simply cannot tell people, “It is legal for you to do xyz, except in a church, even with the church’s permission.”

U.S. District Judge Cormac Carney of the Central District of California has granted a preliminary injunction blocking enforcement of a new California law banning carrying firearms in most public places, which he wrote was “sweeping, repugnant to the Second Amendment, and openly defiant of the Supreme Court.” The case is Carralero v. Bonta.

U.S. District Chief Judge F. Dennis Saylor IV of the District of Massachusetts has ruled that a Massachusetts ban on “assault weapons” (sic) is consistent with a recent landmark SCOTUS Bruen decision that established firearms regulations must be consistent with the nation’s “historical tradition,” writing “The relevant history affirms the principle that in 1791, as now, there was a tradition of regulating ‘dangerous and unusual’ weapons – specifically, those that are not reasonably necessary for self-defense.”

We are unaware of any such regulations.

A Michigan man has sued the ATF for confiscating his firearms despite his clean record after a domestic violence conviction expungement.


Gun Free Zones

  • Police in Florida issued an arrest warrant for a man wanted in connection with a Christmas weekend shooting inside the Paddock Mall in Ocala that left one man dead and another injured on Saturday. Gun Free Zone.
  • GFZs: An Insider’s Perspective


  • San Juan County Sheriff R. Shane Ferrari has launched a formal investigation into New Mexicans to Prevent Gun Violence (NMPGV). He said he is examining the apparent illegality under state law for the gun ban group to exchange gift cards for unwanted firearms without first conducting a background check.
  • Fort Bend County, Texas Sheriff Eric Fagan is up for re-election next year, and he just told Houston’s KRPC-TV that he supports more restrictions on gun ownership, which he claims is a privilege that should be earned.
  • Catholic Poop Francis blasted the weapons industry and its “instruments of death” that “fuel wars” as he made a Christmas Day appeal for peace in the world and in particular between Israel and the Palestinians.
  • But the Pope’s own armory at the Vatican includes plenty of machine guns, etc.
  • Horror author Stephen King.

The Only Ones

  • The U.S. Justice Department has created a database to track records of misconduct by federal law enforcement officers (who work for the same Justice Department) that is aimed at preventing agencies from unknowingly hiring problem officers. No word on actually disqualifying the offenders, punishment for the misconduct, or any preventative measures. I guess bean counters are just gonna count.
  • An unidentified Memphis middle school security officer’s handgun is now missing after an unidentified student walked off school property with it “without permission” after finding it in the bathroom. The security officer told police she accidentally left her handgun in a stall in a girl’s restroom and didn’t realize her gun was missing until over an hour later.
  • A private corrections officer was shot and killed by corrections officer Caboris McAfee Tuesday after the two on-duty workers got into a fight in the parking lot of the East Mississippi Correctional Facility in Lauderdale County. Both officers work for the private company that runs the facility, Management and Training Corporation.
  • Now-former Gastonia, NC police officer Xana Dajanae Dove has been charged with 32 felonies for selling drugs and using her badge to illegally buy guns for people.
  • A grand jury has indicted Austin police Officer Daniel Sanchez on deadly conduct charges for fatally shooting a man at his own home, who apparently had committed no crime and who wasn’t threatening officers who ordered him to drop his gun just before he was shot for not dropping his gun. You can’t shoot a guy at his own home for holding a gun not pointed at anyone.
  • Stankin’ Rankin


Clarion Ledger pic

Department of Idiocy


How an unprecedented shooting study may shake up Marine marksmanship


Another airgun reminder. They are deadly.


The Rangemaster January newsletter (pdf link) is out.


Tactics & Stuff

Industry News

Czech the boxes…

Czech CSG Group, which bought Vista Outdoor, has also bought Perazzi.

Colt CZ Group SE has bought Czech ammo company Sellier & Bellot from CBC Global Ammunition LLC.

Gaston Glock died on Wednesday. He was 94.


ammo boxes
  • Primary Arms has the Aim Sports Compact 3W 500 Lumens Weapon Light – QRM Color Lens Filters for just $10.
  • 28.
  • Ruger just updated its popular American line of rifles with the American Rifle Generation II. Upgrades include a three position tang safety and a more rigid and ergonomic stock with a removable comb riser and a length of pull adjustment spacer. New features also include a Cerakote® finish on the barreled action, a threaded bolt handle, stainless steel bolt body. Most models also feature a spiral fluted barrel.
  • Redding’s new Z Series Die Family utilizes 1″ reloading die bodies for added strength and rigidity over traditional industry-standard 7/8″ dies. The Z Series Dies are as much as twice as strong as 7/8″ dies. Extensive lab testing has shown that this increased strength and rigidity provides significantly reduced sizing effort as well as more consistent and measurable sized case dimensions. The initial “Z Series” offering will include single dies, die sets and bushing dies in 31 popular cartridges from .284 Win to .375. The new Z Series dies are readily adaptable to most reloading presses marketed today with a simple die bushing change.
  • Taurus’ new TH10 is the first 10mm handgun that Taurus has offered. It has a double/single action mechanism with an exposed hammer and a combination decocker/safety lever giving the ability to be carried cocked and locked. I am unsure of whether it can also be carried uncocked and locked like the Taurus 24/7 OSS can, but from the picture it appears that it can. It comes with two 15-round magazines. 28.5 oz., $530 – the least expensive semi-auto 10mm handgun on the market.
  • Cheap .50 BMG rifles.
  • If I’d had Warbricks when I was a kid, I’d have never grown up. Oh wait… nevermind.
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