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Unlikely Heroes

In late 1943, the Navy listed over 14,000 vessels in its inventory. Ninety-two percent of them, some 12,964 units, were designed by that fierce, stout bayou boatman, and most were built at his own assembly yard.

World War Champs


Last week, a unanimous U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals panel unanimously boinked ATF in the head again in the case VanDerStok v. Garland, which challenged the administration and the ATF’s frame or receiver (“ghost gun”) Final Rule, finding it to be a “non-legislative re-definition of what constitutes a firearm,” and remanded the case back to the District Court for reconsideration. Circuit Judge Kurt D. Englishardt also wrote, “The agency [ATF] rule at issue here flouts clear statutory text and exceeds the legislatively-imposed limits on agency authority in the name of public policy. Because Congress has neither authorized the expansion of firearm regulation nor permitted the criminalization of previously lawful conduct, the proposed rule constitutes unlawful agency action, in direct contravention of the legislature’s will.” An appeal is likely to happen, but unlikely to succeed. You can read this gem here (pdf link).

The U.S. District Court for Eastern Pennsylvania has ruled in the case Williams v. Garland that an unconstitutional lifetime gun ban for a non-violent misdemeanor drunk driving conviction is in fact unconstitutional.

The U.S. District Court for Colorado has ruled (pdf link) in the case Rocky Mountain Gun Owners v. Polis that Colorado’s three-day waiting period law for gun sales does not violate the Second Amendment.

A serial armed robber has escaped a mandatory 15-year prison sentence for illegally owning a gun as a prohibited person after U.S. District Court Judge Robert Gettleman in Chicago said convicted felons are also protected by the Second Amendment. Speculation is that Gettleman – a Clinton appointee – may have ruled with the intent of being overturned at the Seventh Circuit. I have always opined that “felon” is far too broad a description to use when considering a lifetime revocation of civil rights.

Alec Baldwin’s manslaughter charge is before a New Mexico grand jury at the time of this writing. Look for news on it.


Not a DGU, by an Only One

An unidentified Secret Service agent assigned to protect President Biden’s oldest granddaughter (one that Biden acknowledges having) opened fire on three people who were breaking into their unmarked, parked, unoccupied SUV in Washington, DC last Sunday night. A spokesman said there was no threat to any protectees. Apparently no one was hit and the bad guys got away. DC does not allow deadly force in the defense of property and therefore does not allow shooting nonthreatening burglars of unoccupied vehicles. Secret Service protocol requires the agents only fire their weapons if they are facing imminent serious danger or death. We cannot confirm whether the agent fired through the door with a double-barreled shotgun as is President Biden’s tactical advice.

The Only Ones

Prosecutors have charged rookie LaSalle, Colorado Police Officer Erik Hernandez with one count of second-degree murder after he shot a man fleeing from a parking dispute. Hernandez was on his third day with the department and was training with veteran LaSalle Police Officer Sam Johnson.

Former Winona, MS, Police Officer Tanareika Juaniquar Jozet Williams, 25, has been arrested and federally charged with aiding and abetting a fugitive in the possession of and disposal of a firearm.

Sydney, Australia Police Officer Dominic Gaynor, 30, has pleaded guilty to “carrying a firearm with disregard” for a colleague’s safety after he threatened to shoot another police officer who said he would reveal spoilers from Tom Cruise’s movie sequel “Top Gun: Maverick.”

The as-yet publicly unidentified Muslim gunman who killed an Austin, Texas SWAT officer in a shootout last week that also left two hostages dead was wearing body armor and night vision goggles – and was on the FBI’s terror watchlist.


The NRA recently filed the financial statements and related comments of the independent auditors for year ending December 2022. Net income is down 385% from 2021. If memory serves, the trial starts in January.

Department of Idiocy

Rapid City Central High School in South Dakota has removed unloaded guns from a National Guard Veterans Day display and recruitment stand over the “potential to cause a panic.”


Campus Carry Is A Non-Issue



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