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Toy gun to defend your home in California

U.S. District Judge Roger Benitez of the Southern District of California, citing the Bruen case, has ruled (pdf link) – for the second time – that California’s ban on possession of magazines that hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition is unconstitutional, violating the Second Amendment rights of firearms owners. The order has been stayed, pending appeal. California has filed notice of appeal to the 9th Circus in San Francisco where they may win, setting up another Supreme Court slap down.

Three days after Judge Benitez ruled that California’s magazine ban was unconstitutional, U.S. District Court Judge Mary Dimke of Washington denied a preliminary injunction against Washington State’s identical ban. The case, Brumback v. Ferguson, challenged Senate Bill 5078 (ESSB 5078), which bans the sale or transfer of magazines that can hold more than 10 rounds.

We certainly don’t see anything about 10 rounds in the Constitution. Requiring a 10-round magazine restriction on a defensive gun is a bit like requiring a 10-gallon fuel tank restriction on a fire truck, police car, or ambulance.

Also in California, multiple Second Amendment groups and individuals have filed a lawsuit challenging portions of SB 2, a CCW bill that anti-gun Governor Gavin Newsom signed into law this week. This unconstitutional legislation was passed in response to the Bruen decision (which overturned the state’s “may-issue” policy), and among other provisions would broadly create highly restrictive “sensitive locations” where concealed carrying would be prohibited, including all private property unless expressly permitted by the owner.

SCOTUS to review NY’s ammunition background check law and gun registry.

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CA anti-gun laws
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Citizen DGU information. Tom Givens.


The Only Ones

  • Sergio Patricio Galván, 35, a police officer in Formosa, Argentina, allegedly used his issued service pistol to fatally shoot his ex-girlfriend last week at her workplace after barging in and claiming, “You’re mine or no one’s.”
  • Brian Lovell, an associate district judge in Garfield County, Oklahoma, was arrested in a Sept. 11 incident during which he allegedly shot at five or more parked vehicles and rammed two others in traffic.
  • An unidentified investigator with the Fulton County, Georgia, District Attorney’s Office accidentally shot herself in the leg inside a rest room in the Fulton County courthouse in downtown Atlanta last week.
  • Detective John Helle, a 10-year employee of the San Antonio Police Department, accidentally shot himself during a foot chase that culminated in the fatal shooting of a suspect in a Home Depot parking lot last week.
  • The Athens (TN) City Council approved a motion earlier this month allowing its members to begin carrying concealed firearms during council meetings, due to Vice Mayor Larry Eaton’s concerns for his personal safety. The motion only allows council members who have a CCW permit to carry those concealed weapons in meetings and would not include city residents – even with permits – to attend meetings while armed. Apparently they didn’t learn the first time.

Mississippi deer

According to the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks, the state’s deer population could be at record levels and it’s asking hunters to harvest more deer to reduce depredation damage and deer vs. vehicle collisions. That’s interesting since the very same department has been adding more and more deer hunting rules and restrictions over the last 30 or so years.

Bears vs. Birdshot

Although this incident is touted as a successful “stop,” we note that even at less than 15 FEET, the bear ran off, so presumably he could have just as easily continued the attack. If I was bird hunting and feared a bear attack, I’d likely be using a repeater with the first couple of shells being birdshot and the remainder of the magazine full of bear loads. I would then only shoot at birds twice before reloading. For a bear, I would empty the gun in him, quickly.

Tactics & Stuff


John Taffin on John Linebaugh


Industry News

  • The United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) launched a new non-profit arm this month. The 501(C)(4) U.S. Concealed Carry For Saving Lives Action Fund (USCCA-FSL Action Fund) plans to lobby against gun control at all levels of government across the country, and will focus primarily on training gun owners in how to improve our political activism.
  • “The Blind” movie about Phil Robertson. In theaters now.


Retirement savings = buying more guns
  • Federal Ammunition has announced two new 28-gauge, 3-inch, ¾-ounce loads in shot size No. 3 or 4 in its Black Cloud steel shot product lineup. While the 3-inch 28 gauge is an interesting proposition, I’ve never considered hunting waterfowl with anything smaller than a 20 gauge, and certainly not with steel shot.
  • Hevi-Shot meanwhile has a slew of sub caliber HEVI-18 Tungsten Super Shot (TSS) loads, boasting an 18 g/cc density. Included are 3-inch #7 and #9 loads in 20 & 28 gauge and .410 bore. But they cost around $10-16 per shell.
  • Henry Repeating Arms offers a Mare’s Leg “pistols” in .22 S/L/LR or Magnum Rimfire, as well as .357/38, .44 Mag./Spl., .45 Colt and .410. Great fun.
  • KOR® Technik’s revolutionary and patented Vacuum Rigidizing Structure (VRS®) technology delivers a fully customizable and reusable protection solution for your long gun cases. The case insert is basically a tough nylon bag fill with foam beads, which you place in your hard case, place your gun on top and vacuum suck the insert to custom-mold to your gun. It is reusable and re-customizable and claims unlimited use and shelf life compared to foam. Starting at $265.
  • Arrowhead Tactical Apparel LLC has a new women’s line of athleisure clothing designed specifically to meet the concealed carry needs of women.

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