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Judge Karin Immergut of U.S. District Court for the District of Oregon has ruled that Oregon’s voter-approved law – Ballot Measure 114 – banning large capacity magazines and requiring a permit to purchase a gun falls in line with “the nation’s history and tradition of regulating uniquely dangerous features of weapons and firearms to protect public safety.” That of course is clearly false and makes one wonder about the Judge’s intellect. The law also mostly bans magazines of over 10 round capacity and Judge Immergut ruled that they “are not commonly used for self-defense, and are therefore not protected by the Second Amendment.” Despite the federal decision, Ballot Measure 114 remains blocked by a state court with a trial scheduled for September in Harney County Circuit Court.

Judge Beth Labson Freeman of the United States District Court for the Northern District of California has ruled that the City of San Jose’s firearm owners liability insurance requirement “is consistent with the Nation’s historical traditions” and did not violate the Second Amendment.” Uhm, liability insurance was invented long after the Bill of Rights was adopted, so she’s wrong too. Judge Freeman will allow the plaintiffs to file an amended complaint on First Amendment grounds over an included yearly fee the city plans on requiring firearm owners to pay to a gun ban group.

Uncertainty in the U.S. v. Rahimi SCOTUS case.


U.S. Senate leadership recently approved an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Ac that would PERMANENTLY reauthorize the Undetectable Firearms Act of 1988. The vague language in this law could easily be manipulated by the Administration to target and ban guns with non-metal parts, such as polymer-framed pistols.

You can take action here.

More NRA waste, fraud and abuse


gun cartoon
Abolish the ATF

Liars and idiots

KCAL-TV, the CBS affiliate in Los Angeles, California, tweeted this week that a weapon recovered at the scene of a shooting was – and I quote – “an assault revolver with high-capacity magazines.” It must have been one of those S&W 8-shooters with moon clips.

“Gun violence is now the number one cause of death of children in our nation.” – U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris, April 2023.

But… that’s clearly not true.

Kids and guns

A new report in the journal JAMA Pediatrics found that children who watched a one-minute gun safety video were 28% less likely to touch a found gun and held the gun for less than half the time if they did touch it. They were also over 20% less likely to pull the trigger and those who did pull the trigger fewer times, and were more likely to tell an adult. This is not really news. The NRA’s Eddie Eagle program has promoted this for decades. However, the Left doesn’t want kids exposed to Eddie Eagle or talk about gun safety.

We also note that the report falsely claims that “guns are the leading cause of death for kids and teenagers in the United States.” See the facts linked in the previous item, above. JAMA is anti-gun.

Doctor Dummies

While we’re discussing JAMA‘s nonsense, we note another of their published doctors’ reports concluding that the SCOTUS Bruen decision “will result in 152 additional firearm-related deaths annually.”

No word from JAMA on how many people doctors kill annually.

The Only Ones

Chicago PD: At least four unidentified CPD officers from the Calumet District were relieved of their police powers earlier this year as the Civilian Office of Police Accountability investigated claims they recovered guns without making arrests, then filed bogus paperwork to cover their tracks.


Prostitutes, bears, and gall bladders, all in one story.

You can’t make this stuff up.



Not a DGU

A word from the wised-up

Tactics & Stuff

Industry News


Longtime Shooting USA host and outdoor celebrity Jim Scoutten, 77, died this week in Franklin, Tennessee, following a brief illness (more here). I met Jim a couple of times.

Jim Scoutten


  • Outer Impact gun accessories
  • Springfield Armory’s new Model 2020 Redline bolt-action rifle is lightweight and compact, offered with a choice of 16″ or 20″ carbon fiber-sleeved tensioned barrels with threaded muzzles. .308 or 6.5 Creedmoor. $2300.
  • Spartan Blades, which makes very nice knives, has a Ka-Bar listed made with Crucible Industries’ CPM MagnaCut® stainless steel. But it lists for $335 and you can get a Ka-Bar brand Ka-Bar made with premium D2 semi-stainless tool steel for around half that price.


“A citizen without arms is like a priest without religion, like a woman without chastity, like a man without manhood. The very conception of an unarmed citizen is a purely modern one.” – Irish nationalist Patrick Pearse

“We carried our weapons with us at all times, even when we went for water.” – Nehemiah 4:23

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    I believe what Russell Fincher Tuskahoma, Oklahoma said about the ATF raid at his house. If fits the government that I know. The ATF is truly lawless and need to be abolished.


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